How to Improve Your University Academic Performance

How to Improve Your University Academic Performance

University really has the ability to transform your life and set up your future. Of course the brightness of your future can often depend on how well you perform academically. More than just for own personal pride, getting good marks through uni can lead to rewarding internships or help you land the career of your dreams.

Of course, doing well in University isn’t always easy and it can seem like a never-ending uphill battle when it comes to trying to manage your life’s countless other needs such as earning money and finding some time to enjoy a personal life.

Don’t be afraid to seek out potential university or government programs and resources to assist you, which may include  peer-mentoring, tutoring, orientation services, cultural support, and possibly financial assistance for your university expenses. There are also endless online resources which can offer help, whether it’s seeking out online study groups or getting assistance from essay writers from time to time. 

Many students often ask themselves “Can I just have someone write my essay cheap?” This is one surprisingly affordable option that is now available in this day and age. While this option can get you through a pinch during especially rough times, there are also a number of others ways you can start to improve your university academic performance.


Succeeding at university begins long before you even first set foot through the doors of the campus. Getting good marks in high school will give you a much better chance of getting accepted into the uni you desire.

Then comes the difficult task of choosing a school that you not only can get accepted into and afford, but also one that will align with your future career goals. You may need to work and save up to afford tuition fees, while also trying to navigate the world as an adult and possibly living by yourself for the first time in your life.

The transition period to university requires mental fortitude and learning to rely on yourself. It’s a time to start not only thinking about the career you want but also what kind of person you want to become and what type of work-life balance you want to enjoy.


Set Goals

The path to success is often achieved by creating an effective plan and in the case of university it starts with setting goals for what you want to achieve and developing a path that will lead you to achieving those goals.

Once you know what your goals are such as what marks you think you realistically can achieve, you then must give yourself the best tools possible to help you achieve those goals whether it’s a new computer or various supplies/gear that will make your schooling easier.


Don’t Skip Classes

This is such an obvious yet vital part of your succeeding in the educational process. Your professors are literally paid to help guide you to success and skipping classes will only force you to take on the extra burden of learning material on your own without professional guidance.

In a perfect world, you would never miss a class. But life happens of course and you may be forced to miss out due to an illness or emergency like a death in the family. In instances such as these you can hopefully rely on a friendly classmate to fill you in on what you missed.

Keep in mind that attendance may be a factor in determining your final marks. So even if you master the material, you may still fall short of the marks you want or need simply based on the fact you failed to regularly show up.



Equally as important as showing up to class, is actually participating while you’re there. In fact, your marks may even take participation into consideration. Participating means not being afraid to ask and answer questions. It also shows your professors you genuinely want to be there and are taking things seriously.

As an added bonus, participation has been proven to help you listen better, focus more clearly, and retain information better. Engaging with the learning process also allows you the chance to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

Participation is made easier by removing distractions such as mobile phones and making sure you’re comfortable in class. This can include things like dressing appropriately so that you aren’t too hot or cold.

Participation also involves taking good notes and making sure you can actually read and understand your notes whether you choose to type or handwrite them. You may wish to learn 10 Effective Note-Taking Strategies to Make Your Life Easier.


Time Management

It’s also important to employ effective time management whether you’re studying, preparing for classes, or scheduling time for essay writing. You need to pick the best times of day for you to study in terms of when you tend to be most focused.

You may find there are times where you are able to read or write better. You also want to acknowledge how long it takes on average for you to complete assignments and tasks or prepare for exams. There will of course be a bit of a learning curve to this when you are just starting out.

Don’t always rely on your professors to remind you of upcoming due dates or exam days. You may want to keep a journal or calendar of all the important dates so you can create an effective time management plan that creates set blocks of time for researching material, writing papers, reviewing or proofreading your work, studying, etc.

Time is precious during your university years, so don’t waste any of it on dead time where you aren’t actively achieving something or finding relaxation. You’d be amazed how much dead time there is each day and the many ways you can fill that time with being productive.



In addition to proper time management, you will also be more successful if you’re organized. This means finding or creating a work environment that isn’t over-cluttered, thereby allowing you to focus on work whether that is reading, writing, or studying material.

It means investing in a quality home desk and office chair. It also means keeping stocked up on supplies like pens and paper so it’s always on hand when needed. Good organization should also spill over to other areas like keeping files and folders on your computer well labeled and organized so they can be located easily. You may also want to back-up your important documents.

Keeping a clean dorm room, house, or apartment will also help promote success, as will keeping your fridge stocked and vehicle well maintained. As other areas of your life become disorganized, you will likely find that it impedes on your ability to learn and achieve the marks you want.


Involve Others

It’s impossible to understand everything yourself or to fully concentrate in class 100% of the time. Thankfully, you aren’t the only one attending classes and can hopefully manage to make connections with others who you can rely on and they in turn rely on you.

Making regular plans to meet up with a group of classmates will allow you to go over material to make sure you haven’t missed anything important. It allows you all to share ideas and get feedback from one another. As they say, more minds are better than one when it comes to understanding material.

Learn from each other, but be careful not to plagiarize someone else’s work or become a leach who uses others without offering anything in return. You also want to be careful that meet-ups don’t stray into becoming social events, trying your best to stay on the main task of focusing on uni work.

If you aren’t a people-person or simply find you don’t have the time to meet up in study groups, you can always start or join a Facebook group where you can share material and ideas with other classmates.


Get Your Life in Order

You’ll find it difficult or even impossible to do well in uni if you neglect other aspects of your life. This includes making sure you are getting regular quality sleep and ideally stick to an effective sleep schedule. Proper sleep will allow you to focus more during the day and help you better process and retain information.

Equally as important as sleep, is making sure you eat healthy. While it’s fine to enjoy yourself at uni, it’s not a time to let loose and party every night. Drink in moderation and avoid eating fast food or processed food on a regular basis.

You also want to make sure you maintain a healthy personal life. You don’t want to get burned out on your studies, and this means making time to relax and enjoy various hobbies that give you enjoyment. You may also be navigating a relationship with a partner that you may need to devote time to in order for your bond to remain strong.

Lastly, you will find that most if not all universities offer services that include student counseling, mental and sexual health help, and accommodation and financial support if needed.


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