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Uluru: The Controversial Climb

Uluru, or Ayers Rock as Europeans renamed it, is a stunning rock jutting out from the outback of Australia. Currently Uluru is still legal to climb but that may not be the case for much longer.

Singapore’s Top 5 Outdoor & Wildlife Experiences

The only island city-country in the world, Singapore has figured out how to make a large sprawling city seem somewhat wild and natural. Whoever is behind the urban planning of this city deserves the utmost recognition.

Species Declared Extinct in 2016

If you thought this year was hard on us humans this past year with war, terrorism, and political chaos and embarrassment, it is nothing compared to the sadness the natural world has felt with the declaration of more extinctions.

Species Profile: Bald Uakari

This small Amazonian monkey has a shaggy red orange coat with a bare red face resembling that of a Marvel villian. Its reddish face signals good health and makes it more attractive to possible mates.

The Wildlife & Wonder of Mali

A harsh country with natural rugged beauty, Mali is a magical yet dangerous country. A country of stark contrasts, you have the Niger River which literally flows life to its inhabitants and the Sahara which continues to increase its empire as it makes its way southward stripping life in its path.

Panama City’s Top 5 Outdoor & Wildlife Experiences

When you think of Panama City, Panama your mind goes straight to the canal, Bridge of the Americas, Casco Viejo, and of course getting yourself a Panama hat. Beyond the city and even within the city however lies the Panama’s real treasure, its natural areas.

Literally built in the rainforest, one doesn’t need to venture far to feel as though you are in the Amazon. One trip to Panama wasn’t enough for us as we returned to experience its wealth of wildlife and nature a second time.

These are some sure bet destinations around Panama City where you are nearly guaranteed to get in touch with your wild side.

Cape Town’s Top 5 Outdoor & Wildlife Experiences

Africa is known for its richness of wildlife and although Cape Town may not be home to the main attractions found in places like the Serengeti such as lions and elephants, it does offer an abundance of animals, many of which cannot be found around the rest of Africa.

Species Profile: Hooded Pitohui

Endemic to New Guinea, this black and orange bird has been found to contain batrachotoxins on its skin and feathers. These are the same toxins found in Colombia’s poison dart frogs and are one of the most toxic natural substances known to science.

San Francisco’s Top 5 Outdoor & Wildlife Experiences

San Francisco is known for its iconic fire engine red Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars but beneath the ever present fog you can find some of the state’s best wildlife locations.