Preparing for Several Exams Simultaneously – Useful Tips for Student Travelers

Preparing for Several Exams Simultaneously – Useful Tips for Student Travelers

Today we are talking about a very heartfelt topic among all university students, how to be able to effectively prepare for several exams at the same time.

Difficulty Preparing Multiple Exams at the Same Time

Preparing for several exams together often causes anxiety and demotivation in students. While it may seem like an extremely difficult task to manage, it thankfully isn’t impossible. That being said, there are plenty of students who simply cry out “write my college paper” as they seek the assistance of professionals online.

It has happened at least once to every self-respecting university student. You start at full speed thinking you can take on all your exams and manage to get great marks, but then quickly find yourself being overwhelmed and end up not living up to the expectations you had set for yourself.

Have you ever thought that perhaps maybe it was simply taking the wrong approach that led to feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? Here are some tips that may be able to offer you assistance the next time you’re faced with multiple exams.

5 Tips for Preparing Multiple Exams at the Same Time

A good place to begin is by asking yourself some simple questions that will help you reflect on your current study habits.

  • Is your place of study organized and peaceful, or is it full of potential distractions?
  • Are you taking advantage of the most optimal hours of the day that you have at your disposal?
  • Do you find it easier to study in a group or alone?
  • Do you still make sure to dedicate time to relaxation and leisure to avoid burnout?

Planning for Multiple Exams

The next step to studying several subjects at the same time, after first reflecting on your current study habits and making any necessary adjustments,  is to make sure everything is well planned. It begins with reflecting carefully on the choice of subjects to be studied simultaneously and not waiting until the last minute to develop an effective study plan.  

It’s vital you have a clear understanding of your subjects in order to do well on exams and that simply cannot be achieved in a single night. Prior planning and putting in the effort required to keep up with your studies along the way are required on your part, with maybe the odd occasion you seek professional assistance and order essay paper assignments to be done for you should an emergency come up or you simply find yourself cracking under the pressure and need a bit of relief.


Early Preparation

Doing well on any exam requires having a good understanding of the content of the course and this requires paying attention. Simply hearing words or reading them isn’t enough, rather you need to be able to retain the information you collect and be able to recall it once it’s time for exams.

This is why waiting until the last minute and cramming for multiple exams often ends in failure unless you have a photographic memory. Mastering the material simply takes time for most individuals.  

Go over your various unit outlines and realize what it is exactly that you will be tested on, making sure to weed out information that you may not be required to recall. This will allow you to focus on the important stuff.

Highlighting material can be a good start to organizing pertinent information, but it doesn’t help you retain or recall the information. To do this, you must actually study the highlighted material. Of course, that is where the hard work comes in. Nobody really enjoys studying, but there are ways you can make it more engaging and less tedious.

Mix video lessons or tutorials on your subjects with written material to help keep you engaged. Go over material with a friend as you quiz each other, or simply make up your own practice exams to test yourself.

Another helpful tip is to regularly switch between your various exams you are preparing for. This will keep your mind a bit sharper and decreases the monotony of a studying a single subject for long periods.


Crunch Time Right Before Exams

Who hasn’t crammed for exams the night before, but is it really effective? While cramming in a lot of material into your brain in the final hours before an exam may help you recall a few facts if you have a decent short-term memory, you are likely to forget all the information shortly after taking the exam

While the short term goal may be to pass your exams with high marks, the bigger point is also to actually learn the information so you can be successful down the road when it comes time to focusing on your career where you may need to actually call on the information you were taught.

Cramming for exams also has a tendency to increase your stress and anxiety levels, distracting you from focusing on the material. If you must do some last minute studying, simply prioritize just a few key areas you were struggling with rather than going over information you already feel confident about knowing. This will keep things from feeling overwhelming.

One of the most important things you can do before exams is getting proper sleep. Without a good night’s sleep, your declarative memory or ability to recall information and stay focused during the exams will be diminished.

It also helps to allow for time before bed after studying one final time to decompress and relax. Watch TV, listen to music, or do some exercise to help better prepare you for getting proper sleep. Last step before hitting your pillow is to make sure you’re all organized for the next day. The more you can get ready, including your clothes and items you’ll need for the exams, the less you’ll have to worry about the morning of your exams.


Day of Exams

The day of the exams shouldn’t feel stressful if you’ve adequately prepared. Your first priority should be on eating a healthy breakfast to give you the energy needed to keep your mind and body sharp.

There should be no need to continue with studying as this can lead to anxiety and actually confusion or second-guessing during exams. Feel free to glance over your notes to help you recall key points, but don’t try to cram more detailed information down during the final hours.

Now is the time to practice positive affirmations which will help you overcome negative thoughts or doubting yourself. Staying positive allows you to stay calm and recall information better.

During exams, you are likely to come up against questions that initially stump you. Do not linger on these as this can lead to frustration and anxiety. Simply move on to questions you can answer to help boost your confidence back up and then revisit those more difficult questions with a clearer head. You may also find that answering other questions helps you to answer the questions that initially gave you trouble.

In-between exams, be sure to eat something to keep your energy up. You should also refrain from any stressful activities or ruminating on the previous exam. Stay present and focused on the next exam rather than giving any energy to the exam that is now over and cannot be changed.


After Exams

Just as many students look to MasterPapers to get a breather from their studies before exams, you should now take time to reset after your exams to focus on aspects of your life that may have been neglected while preparing for important exams.

It’s important to remember that an exam doesn’t define you and it’s vital to strive for a healthy work-life balance and developing into a  well-rounded individual. Give yourself praise for the effort you put in and don’t be too hard on yourself if your marks aren’t quite what you had hoped.

Perfection is very hard to come by. Simply learn from any mistakes and continue to pursue that which will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

For more ways on improving your skills as a student, you may want to take a look this guide: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing College Papers Like A Pro.


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