Waking up Wild was created to promote the wild and natural places from around the world. Even with the ever increasing modernization and domestication of our planet, there still exists places of rugged and timeless untamed wilderness. Our aim is to bring awareness to all the incredible adventures  that are available to those who wish to experience them and to bring a greater knowledge and understanding of all things wild that exist on this planet.  We hope our experiences, stories, and photographs inspire others to get outdoors and witness the natural world for themselves, creating unforgettable experiences in the process. To experience the natural wonders of this planet is to live how we were meant to live. So get out there and try Waking up Wild!



  Michael Jerrard  is a wildlife photojournalist who has been recording and documenting animal behavior since the age of 10. Now with 20+ years of experience in the wild he looks to share his knowledge of the natural world and encourage others through his writings and photographs to experience the same awe inspiring beauty this planet has to offer.

   Having set foot on nearly every corner of the world including the arctic tundra of Alaska and Iceland, rain forests of South America, deserts of the American Southwest, the Red Center of Australia, Africa’s Serengeti, and the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro just to name a few, Michael Jerrard brings first hand accounts of incredible wild adventures, which thanks to modern day advancements and technology, anyone can experience for themselves.

  Jerrard grew up in the United States where he has done a thorough documentation of North American Wildlife which has included such projects as radio collaring Florida Panthers in the Everglades, tracking Grizzlies in Alaska, and handling American’s most dangerous snakes. He has also took to uncovering the past, unearthing massive ice age mammoths as well as discovering artifacts of lost civilizations. 

  Jerrard and his Australian wife Megan Claire Donoghue, who met while traveling through Tanzania, have since become full time travelers who have made it their mission to bring awareness to world travel and experiences. Megan is a professional travel journalist who runs the award winning travel blog/website mappingmegan.com. Her articles have been published widely throughout the online travel industry and she has been involved in numerous volunteer projects throughout the world bringing aid and awareness where it is needed most. Together Michael and Megan have accumulated a wealth of first hand knowledge of world destinations spanning six continents and over forty countries.

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Megan Claire Jerrard is a travel journalist who heads up the award winning travel blog/website mappingmegan.com. Having traveled through over 40 countries across six continents, Megan has accumulated a wealth of first hand knowledge about what the world has to offer. Her articles have been widely published throughout the online travel industry gaining her countless accolades. Megan thrives on adrenaline and adventure travel whether it be skydiving, bungee jumping, climbing the world’s tallest peaks, mountain biking the world’s deadliest roads, or swimming with piranhas. There is nothing Megan is afraid to try in order to share her experiences with the world as she tries to encourage others to get out and travel the world.