6 Best Budget Travel Destinations for Backpacking

6 Awesome and Affordable Backpacking Destinations      

Your college years can be both the easiest and most difficult years to travel the world. You generally are not bogged down with many commitments that come later in life and have many term breaks allowing you the time to travel. On the flip side, you generally have not had the time to acquire a substantial savings by this point in your life which makes it difficult to set aside money for a travel fund.

Many college students also may have to prioritize other expenses such as rent, car payments, or spending their money on an English tutor or biology homework help in order to retain high marks that will then allow them to succeed in getting a career they desire. In addition, college can be extremely expensive in itself and it can be very difficult to juggle a full time job and stay focused on your studies.

Thankfully travel doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive if you choose the backpacking option and know where in the world where you can backpack on as little as $10 a day while experiencing amazing cultures and exciting adventures. We have compiled a short list of the best budget travel destinations perfect for students looking to travel the world.

These destinations can be so rewarding and life changing that it may leave you screaming to yourself ” who can do my essay for me cheap ” so you can focus some of your time on a part time job to save up some flight money to take off on a journey you’ll never forget. Although there is no denying school is important, it is equally important to open your eyes to new people, places, and ideas, and this period of your life may be the best time to do that.




Nicaragua is a good choice if you are a first-time budget backpacker as it is the cheapest place to travel in Central America and only a short flight from the U.S. The country is filled with Mayan sites, volcanic peaks, jungle treks, stunning beaches, and numerous outdoor adventures. You can rent a room for just a couple of dollars a night and buy street food for pocket change. The country is also safe and rather small, making it easy to travel around the nation to see all it has to offer.


Nepal makes a great choice for those who are ready for some serious backpacking. Here you will find the world’s highest peaks including Everest and the country has thousands of miles of backpacking trails filled with lodges and houses that cater to backpackers. Kathmandu makes for a perfect base to start your travels and offers cheap accommodation and food.


Many travelers call Cambodia a backpacker’s paradise. Cambodia is home to some of the cheapest hostels in the world. Experience the magic of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, and learn about the nation’s dark history during the Khmer Rouge regime.

It’s the perfect country to explore on two wheels where you’ll encounter friendly people, authentic culture, and inspiring landscapes.


India is an assault on the senses with new sights and experiences around every corner. It is like a thousand countries all wrapped in one and provides an exotic and colorful country that you won’t soon forget. Not for the faint of heart, backpacking India can be a bit rough. You will have to deal with overcrowded city streets and public transportation, will probably get a case of Delhi belly, and may have difficulty finding toilet paper.

Of course, there are a lot of comfortable accommodation options, but if you prefer to stay in the most basic conditions, you can find hostels to fit your backpacker budget. Indian cuisine is delicious and wonderfully cheap but it will require you to be a bit cautious as food poisoning is the number one cause of Delhi belly.


Ethiopia is quickly emerging as the new hot spot for backpacker travel. While many African safaris in countries like Kenya and South Africa can be quite expensive, you can see similar wildlife in Ethiopia for a fraction of the cost.

Be sure to get outside of the nation’s more expensive capital city, Addis Ababa, and explore the more off the beaten path areas. Hand feed wild hyenas, take a taxi to the Blue Nile Falls, and meet the country’s incredible people. Hiking the Simien Mountains in search of gelada baboons makes for an incredible adventure and visiting the many ancient settlements will have you feeling like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones.



Although the country is filled with all-inclusive resorts, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Thailand on a budget if you go to the northern regions and inland areas far away from the touristy beach areas. You will get the opportunity to experience more authentic exotic sights, sounds, and smells and spend only a few dollars a day doing it. Shared rooms start at just a few dollars a night and Thai food is very cheap as well.


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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. I think the cheaper a travel/tour destination is, the less there is to see. Compare, for example, South Africa/Tanzania/Kenya to Ethiopia. Ethiopia offers much less, that’s why its cheaper. That is just my opinion though.

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