Sex & Travel

Sex & Travel

By: Mike Jerrard

Most all of us are driven by the urge to hook up, it’s in our DNA and is of course one of the keys to life and ongoing survival of our species. Whatever the science is behind it most of of could care less, we simply do it for the excitement and enjoyment. Travel is very much similar in that there is an overload of excitement with new sights, sounds, and tastes. Add sex and travel together and you create the perfect storm which could leave you battered and scarred such as with the aftermath of a hurricane, or seeing rainbows and new personal growth.

Whether you are a single backpacker or in a marriage of 20 years, travel can no doubt spark romance and bring on the urge to drop our guard, our stress/worries, and our pants. Of course sex is never a thing that should be taken lightly as consequences can severely alter one life and precautions should be in place to make sure you come home with only fond lasting memories.

Sex & Solo Backpacking

What do you get when you put young twenty year olds together with exotic European cities, communal hostels, sexy foreign accents, and alcohol? Although backpacking isn’t about simply traveling to hook up with exotic strangers, it IS about finding yourself and gaining a better understanding of the world. Travel and more so solo travel of the backpacking sort makes you feel free and courageous to try and experience new things.

You are at the age where you are focused on living in the moment and not so much worried about what the future may hold. You easily find yourself attracted to new exciting people with exotic looks and back stories that are different and therefore interesting. Connections and sparks come easily but what you choose to do about it can alter your life for the good or bad.

Connections do not equate to trust and known history of a person both of which in our normal day lives we would find important when it comes to choosing who we sleep with. I’m not saying that one should not partake in spicing up their travels with what could end up being a one night stand but just be sure to take the necessary steps to make sure you don’t come home with an STD as a souvenir or bring unplanned new life into the world. Having two parents from different countries can prove to be a logistical nightmare when it comes to immigration should you choose to raise the child and although many countries have the option of abortion the decision will impact your life psychologically for quite some time if not forever.

So make sure to be equipped with condoms and birth control regardless of whether sex is in the plans as you never know what can happen in the romance of another country. And note that it may not be easy to come across either protection in certain countries so add it to your packing list before you fly out.

Couples and Travel Sex

Nothing brings back that spark in a relationship quite like travel. New surroundings along with breaking your daily routine will have you reeling with excitement and bring happiness. You have endless uninterrupted time and you become more of a team as you only have each other as you explore a new destination. There are some mattresses recommended especially for sex, so if the hotel includes information on which mattresses they use in their rooms, that might be something to consider too.

Traveling allows you the opportunity to carry out those little romantic acts that fade over time at home. You tend to eat out more, take in shows or attractions, and share adventures together much like your dating days.

Of course with travel can come a bit of stress at times which can have you and your partner quarreling, but hopefully that will only lead to incredible make-up sex once you settle into your comfortable hotel room.

Prostitution & Paid Sex Abroad

For many women and to a much lesser extent men, it is their choice to make prostitution their career for whatever reason. Some may not enjoy the work but see it as their only choice where others do actually enjoy the industry.

Many a male traveler will find themselves succumbing to the temptation of paid sex while on holiday. Las Vegas comes to mind. Walking the strip you are bombarded by cards and flyers offering whatever female sexual companionship you desire. Some men travel only because they want to take advantage of these offerings and believe it or not, some men even take it a step further and consider taking sex pills to enhance the experience

Many countries have legalized prostitution. Of course the Netherlands is famous for its red light district but many countries you would be surprised by such as New Zealand, Austria, and Greece where it is not only accepted but many benefits are in place like with other traditional careers. It is regulated many times in the way of mandatory health checkups to promote safety. You can find reviews of top rated escort sites on sites like

Whether paid sex is legal is one thing, the moral issue is another. What one chooses to do with their body may be their own business so long as they are not affecting others such as by passing on STDs. Prostitution and pornography however may have other more hidden effects such as the disrespect of women or false ideas of what healthy sex looks or feels like.

It is a choice you yourself need to make while traveling whether you head into that “gentleman’s club” or hire special “room service,” but keep in mind that in many countries it’s not so much a personal choice women make rather sex workers are forced into their situations much like slavery. The awful sex trade exists in full force across many countries and it is these countries where you will find underage and sometimes kidnapped girls and if that is sadly somehow not enough to deter you than be aware that these countries most likely have zero regulations in the form of making sure you don’t contract diseases.

Just keep in mind that the movie Pretty Woman does not accurately depict the prostitution industry.

Sex In Return for Free Travel

With the advent of the internet and dating sites, a new breed of matchmaking websites have sprung up which match young women with a desire to travel with wealthy men who are eager to make their vagabond dreams come true.

Many women claim that they have been able to travel the world staying in 5 star hotels drinking the finest champagne all free of charge. They simply provide the companionship the men seek while abroad. Many of these women say they were never forced into having sex but that doesn’t confirm they didn’t actually have sex.

Many of these cases may be innocent and simply that men want some arm candy while traveling the world but many cases no doubt involve sex whether it is consensual or not. I will not mention any of these sites by name as I don’t honestly believe they offer a healthy way to travel and do not wish to promote them in any way.

Travel is about personal freedom, finding yourself, and engaging in honest fulfilling experiences that will give you lasting memories. You will find that staying at a cheap run down hostel as a free solo traveler will be more rewarding than staying in a Ritz in which you are forced to spend your time with a stranger who you may feel pressured to please due to guilt of receiving free travel and gifts.

In conclusion sex is something that can be incredibly beautiful or down right traumatizing. You should not only ask yourself if you are willing to get down and dirty but whether that is the best thing for the other person. Sex is a two person activity and one in which both sides should not only be consenting but also one where both sides walk away not feeling regrets.

While traveling try to keep your morals regarding sex in line with your every day way of life. If you are not into one night stands as they leave you feeling empty afterwards than understand it won’t feel any differently doing it abroad.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. Great read Mike! On a subject most people are afraid to talk about too. One-night stands are no longer as enjoyable or even a priority for me anymore. That has probably just come with age as I’m pushing 30.
    I agree with most of it except the ‘finding yourself bit’. I’m no different of a self than I was 3yrs ago, I’ve always seemed to know me. Sure I’ve learned many new things. Also a very reasonable look at the prostitution industry, if everyone is consenting and healthy it’s fine. I don’t want to hire a prostitute but I’m not effected if the next person does. That’s a problem with many laws, they impose others will on the people when no one is victimized.

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    • Thanks for the great comment TJ. Interesting that I have heard others in agreement that they didn’t in fact find themselves while travelling rather they affirmed who they were. I guess it depends on the person whether they are searching for something or not. Travel gives the opportunity for a greater selection of influences or variety from which to see what inspires or affects you. If however you are already assured of who you are than maybe it simply strengthens those personal traits and gives one greater confidence in knowing who they truly are.

  2. I love travel sex. Actually, new environment and place can increase my sex so far. That’s why I go out from my house when I get leisure time and do my sex very gorgeously. Everybody should try travel sex at least for the first time.

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    • Thanks Denver Ladies for your comment! Hoping you all the best and Happy “ending” travels!

  3. Most people, when it comes to sex, don’t know what they want until another person shows them. Nevertheless, the best way to discover what and how to pleasure one’s body is through experimentation.

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  4. This is a very informative piece, most travellers forget to carry protection and birth control pills whenever they are going for a trip. For me, I always carry two sex toys every time I am travelling abroad or going for outdoor adventures.

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