5 Essentials Every Holidaymaker Needs

5 Essentials Every Holidaymaker Needs

by Megan Firth


It doesn’t get any more exciting than planning your next holiday.  Once you have picked your destination, booked your flights, and looked for accommodation, you get to delve into the finer details and figure out all of the wonderful sights and attractions you will get to experience.

You will want to be sure to apply for any required visas if travelling internationally and then draw up a final to-do list so you don’t forget anything. When it comes to packing for your trip, what you take with you will largely depend on the destination you are headed to.

You obviously won’t need a lot of bulky clothing for a sunshine-filled week on the beach, just remember to pack your swimwear, some sunscreen, a hat, and your sunnies. A winter ski trip may force you to carry more luggage to allow for all your warm bulky clothes, boots, jackets, gloves, and ski equipment.

Wherever you decide to travel, there are a few items that every holidaymaker should pack regardless of the destination.  Take a look at this list of 5 essentials that you should definitely not leave home without.

A Lightweight Backpack

A backpack is likely to be one of the handiest things you take on any holiday.  Use it on your flights as your hand luggage instead of a less portable case on wheels or simply fold it down and pack it in your checked baggage.  Long haul flights often include stopovers with long distances between gates. Being able to carry around your change of clothes and toiletries such as a toothbrush on your back is much easier than dragging around a set of wheels. It can also make for a comfortable makeshift pillow on those terrible airport benches unless of course you find yourself in a comfy lounge.

Once you are at your destination, your backpack becomes a handy day bag for lugging around items such as water, your phone, purchased souvenirs, a small umbrella, and a change of shoes. Having a nice little supply kit with you during your explorations of your new city will keep you from having to make continual returns to your hotel.

A Camera to Capture the Moments

 Whether you are packing a DSLR, a GoPro, or simply your phone’s camera, taking some kind of photographic equipment to capture all of your holiday moments is a must. Being able to capture memories allows us to share our incredible journeys with family and friends and lets us relive those exciting moments later on.

Make sure that you pack all the relevant chargers, cables, and memory cards that you will need for your photo equipment and be sure to take out insurance against theft or loss of your expensive personal travel items.

A Pair of Comfortable Walking Shoes

Even if you are heading to the beach for a week or are planning a business trip, a good pair of walking shoes will not go amiss on your holiday.  At some point, you will want to trade your flip-flops or dress shoes for more comfort. Getting blisters or sore feet can easily ruin your holiday.

 A simple walking or running shoe will likely become your everyday travel shoes, especially while travelling on planes, buses, and trains.


Your holiday destination will no doubt provide you with an abundance of entertainment and things to explore, but there will most likely be down time in-between flights or times when you just want to relax.  Bring along an ebook reader to catch up on your favorite authors at the airport or at the poolside with a cocktail in hand.

 If reading is not your thing, then you could always bring along an iPad with downloaded movies or T.V. shows. Depending on where you travel, you may not have cable, WiFi, or English speaking movies and programs available so it is wise to bring along your own supply. Download a few puzzles and games and you’re all set.

An Open Mind

 This is the most valuable thing you will take with you on your holiday. Holiday destinations, especially international one, often involve a wealth of new experiences, new cultures, new languages, new transport systems, and new food.  All travelers need to pack healthy dose of patience and a sense of humor will also come in handy. When it comes to travel, things rarely go perfectly to plan.


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