Sleeping with Trees

Sleeping with Trees

By:Mike Jerrard

Tree platforms may have been constructed by our early ancestors to escape the dangers that lie at ground level but today they can be used to escape the stresses of our every day busy lives. Oh how far we have come since our basic shelters of the past or even ones we may have constructed as a child. Today’s tree houses are incredible oases that kiss the roof of forests allowing us to literally become one with nature.

Tree house hotels of the modern era bring all the fun and excitement you remember having as a kid and many add all the creature comforts you could ask for and more. They provide a unique and adventurous alternative to the ordinary hotel chains we are used to. The ever increasing popularity of Eco-tourism and sustainable living has given rise to a great variety of remarkable Tree House Hotels that can be enjoyed worldwide and with very minimal impact to the natural environment.

From the Americas all the way to Southeast Asia and Australia, incredible experiences await those who seek a new way to travel and whose aim is to truly immerse themselves in a new destination. They will make you feel like a kid again with all the awe and wonder you remember but with much more safety and far more impressive wildlife and views.

The best part is many of these stunning holidays can be had for extremely reasonable rates for what they offer, many at less cost than your ordinary rooms you are used to. Be inspired by some of our favorite Tree House Hotels below and find yourself sleeping with the stars your next vacation.



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Author: Michael Jerrard

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