Alaskan Village Working on Anti-Tourism Campaign

Alaskan Village Working on Anti-Tourism Campaign

pacific-walruses-913165_1280Alaska’s Inupiaq coastal village of Point Lay has become the home of thousands upon thousands of walruses due in part to the receding ice sheets as temperatures rise. The walruses are packing themselves on beaches in the area as it allows them to dive and feed offshore.

Of course with any incredible wildlife sight, the walrus congregation has attracted hordes of tourists to a region which offers no hotels or restaurants. With a population of only 270, the village is not suited for the influx of visitors. The increased traffic is not only disturbing the walruses but also carries safety risks for those trying to get a glimpse or photograph the incredible animals.

The village has enacted a no media policy while the walruses are present onshore and are now working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to limit or stop future tourists.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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