Best Places to Travel Au Naturel

Best Places to Travel Au Naturel

By: Mike Jerrard

Travel is all about getting out of our comfort zone and broadening our horizons. We strip all of our belongings down to the bare necessities that a suitcase or two will allow for. Then there are those who decide to strip themselves down even more and bare all they have to offer. So where do you go when you want to feel truly free and natural? Compiled is a list of some top destinations around the world where you can allow yourself to lose your inhibitions and live au naturel if but for just a short time.

Warning: Images portray nudity- Article intended for mature audiences only!

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Garden of Eden-Panama

The best part of the Garden of Eden is you not only go natural yourself, rather the resort itself takes on a natural state. They collect fresh rainwater for guest use, generate their own electricity via solar and diesel generators, have no air conditioning, and no T.V. It really is all about stripping down to the basics and living life how we were originally intended to.You are truly off the grid here, however they do offer one modern convenience and that is wifi. Accommodation is very limited and you can even rent out the entire island should you wish your own private escape.

nude sunbather: photo by gie ka          female nude backside: photo by nik8566

Haulover Beach- Miami, Florida

Hailed by many as one of the best nude beaches on the globe, here you have nudists of all ages sunning themselves upon pure white sand beaches. The northern part of the beach is reserved for those who want to leave their clothes behind, but remember to keep it classy. Sexual acts are not allowed on Haulover which is a pretty standard rule across nude beaches. Go nude but don’t make it lewd!

nude beach sign: photo by bob b. brown   nude sunbathers: photo by hans castorp2010


Although most destinations on this list are sunny beach destinations, for good reason of course, Finland is great for relaxing in your birthday suit. Saunas are a part of Finnish culture with children experiencing their first at only a few months old. Many travelers have quite an eye opening experience when staying at an Airbnb style accomodation. Families here in Finland are very open to enjoying a sauna together and you can find yourself in a very personal situation with your host. Many say however that the awkwardness quickly fades and you forget that you are in the flesh.

Woman at Finnish spa: photo by ninara           man in spa: photo by jann kuusisaari

Es Cavallet-Ibiza, Spain

Of course Ibiza would make this list. With a lively party scene and all around gorgeous people why wouldn’t you drop your guard and your trousers. With picturesque beach views and an incredible scenic drive, Es Cavallet is the perfect place to get lost in a natural state. Its a nice natural break from pulling all nighters at the clubs. An official nudist beach, it is also very gay friendly, having beach side restaurants such as Chiringay that are cater to an almost exclusive gay crowd.

topless sunbather: photo by maxwelld     nude male on beach: photo by mario g. garcia    nude sunbathers: photo by osseous

Couples Tower Isle-Jamaica

As the name suggests, Couples Tower Isle is perfect for those couples looking to have a romantic getaway. Although not a nudist resort, it does allow topless sunbathing and for those wanting to go all the way, there is an au naturel beach located on a private island which the resort will transport you to via boat. And when you decide to get dressed again there are incredible activities to partake in such as zipling, horseback riding, glass bottom boat tours, and swimming with dolphins.

tropical beach: photo by alexander schimmeck    nude couple on beach: photo by paul naturist


Kauapea Beach-Kauai, Hawaii

Also know as Secret Beach, Kauapea has been attracting nudists for years. You could not ask for a more incredible destination to go in the buff. Kauai with its stunning greenery, lagoons, and waterfalls has made it an ideal filming location for blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Jurassic Park, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Although public nudity is illegal in Hawaii, this secluded beach is very rarely patrolled and you are not likely to receive any harsh penalties even if you are caught with your pants down.

Man with arms raised: photo by Dylan

Club Orient-Saint Martin, Caribbean

A nudist beach resort, Club Orient sets itself apart for it being very family friendly. You will find guests all with the same mindset when it come to nudity and the resort mostly caters to older couples and families with kids. Throughout the resort is clothing optional and you will find there is a great deal of maturity regarding being naked at a resort such as this. It’s a great way to dive into the realm of naturism.


mother & child on beach: photo by zhu

Wreck Beach- Vancouver, Canada

Most likely the busiest beach in Canada, not that Canada offers a lot to choose from, Wreck Beach is just 15 minutes out of downtown Vancouver. A clothing optional beach, it allows Canadians and tourists alike to go without needing a large maple leaf to cover there bits and pieces. The nude beach is clearly marked and just remember to spread the sunscreen well so you don’t end up looking like the colors of their national flag!

Woman on Wreck BEach: Photo By meaduva

Onsen Baths-Japan

What better way to relax your bare body than with a soak in a Japanese hot spring know as an onsen. The baths are separated into female and male areas. You are meant to only soak and not clean or actually bathe yourself. After you rinse before your soak, you are allowed a small hand towel to respectfully cover yourself until you enter the springs. Note however that the towel is not allowed to touch the water so many balance it upon their head as the relax. As a side note, when entering the changing rooms it is very rude to not remove your shoes before walking upon the traditional Japanese floors. Also note that the red curtain is for the ladies changing rooms and blue for the guys. You may find yourself in handcuffs should you choose the wrong one.


Man in onsen bath: Photo By Kim Unertl

Jogokudani Onsen Korakukan-Japan

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy going without clothes, every other species has been permanently doing it since the dawn of time. And you know what they say, monkey see monkey do. Here at J.O.K., I’ll abbreviate the long title, you will find that you many times are joined by those adorable snow monkeys or Japanese macaques. The accommodation lies just outside of the famous Jigokudani Yaen-Koen or Monkey Park. What a story you will have to tell of when you took a bath with a monkey.

Snow Monkeys: Photo By Chi Tranter               Snow Monkey with Swimmer: Photo By Stefan Powell



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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. When we go to Finland I can’t wait to get into one of those saunas, naked or not!
    And I was glad to see wreck beach on your list, a few friends and I happened upon the beach on a bike ride as teenagers! Let’s just say we haven’t been back hahah!

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    • Thanks for the comment. Never a bad time for a sauna is there?

  2. Garden of Eden sounds amazing! Though I’m not really sure how I’d cope without air conditioning. Maybe if I visit in the offseason it wouldn’t be too bad though. I think I’d even be happy to go without wifi to really immerse myself in the experience.

    Post a Reply
    • It would be nice to get back to the basics of life every once in awhile wouldn’t it? Thank you for your comment.

  3. I have sunbathed topless and I’ve been to sauna naked and I don’t mind it but at the same time don’t need or care about it.
    It was an interesting though to find out that so many places cater for those for whom nudity is important.

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    • It is somewhat silly how much of a deal we have made nudity out to be. I was shocked as well just how large the nudist travel industry was.

  4. Interesting post and thanks for sharing!
    I think I did showering in the wild in Australia during my Uluru trip and also Onsen in Japan – it was great ~ 😛 @knycx.journeying

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    • Thanks for the comment and happy travels.

  5. This would be a little embarrassing for me and I would want to stay away. But then this world is for all type of people which makes it interesting and this is one of those concepts!

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    • It is interesting how self conscious we have become along with the taboos placed when dealing with nudity.

  6. Hi Michael,

    An interesting list. Let me think about this one.

    Cheers Sharon…

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  7. I advise you to write such sorts of posts daily to give the audience enjoy me all the essential information. In my view, it’s better to be ready for all the unexpected
    situations beforehand, so thanks, it was fairly cool.

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