Top 5 Sports Stadiums You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

Top 5 Sports Stadiums You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, there are certain stadiums around the world that are truly impressive and are definitely worth a visit from anyone. Many of the world’s most iconic stadiums are home to the most notable professional sports teams and regularly get converted into major concert venues that attract the biggest names in the music industry.

From brand new, state-of-the-art stadiums to ones steeped in history and tradition, there are incredible stadiums to be seen on every continent except Antarctica. We thought we’d detail some of the world’s most notable stadiums, hosting everything from soccer to cricket. There’s nothing quite like experiencing world class sporting events surrounded by upwards of a hundred thousand cheering fans.

AT&T Stadium

Having opened in 2009 in Arlington,Texas, AT&T Stadium is home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and is regarded as one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. As well as playing host to eight Cowboys regular-season games per year, the retractable-roof stadium also hosts college football events including the Cotton Bowl Classic and Big 12 Championship Game. The 80,000 seat stadium has also hosted an NBA All-Star Game and can be expanded to accommodate 100,000 fans for big name music concerts such as when it hosted U2.

The stadium’s construction cost over a billion dollars and includes what was at the time of installation the world’s largest HD Video Display which measure an astonishing 160 feet by 72 feet. In addition to standard seats, the stadium also offers cashed-up fans exclusive luxury suites to catch the action. When the dome is retracted, it’s still an impressive 320 feet up to the top at midfield and on any given game day, the stadium is said to use more electricity than some entire countries use in a day.


Camp Nou

Europe’s largest stadium, Camp Nou is home to one of the world’s most iconic soccer clubs. For over 60 years, fans have been cheering on FC Barcelona and seeing the incredible skills of players such as forward legend Lionel Messi. Translating as “new stadium” in Catalan, Camp Nou replaced Barcelona’s first stadium when it was deemed too small. Camp Nou initially accommodated well over 100,000 eager fans but was downsized to a maximum of just over 99,000 for heath and security reasons.

Barcelona’s soccer team has become the richest soccer team in the world and has collected their fair share of trophies over the years. In addition to catching soccer matches, the stadium offers up special stadium tours that allow over 2 million tourists a year to see the stadium in full detail and witness the Barcelona Football Club Museum that is housed inside.

Camp Nou has proudly hosted a number of big name soccer events including European Cup/Champions League finals, Copa del Rey finals, FIFA World Cup matches, and the Olympics.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

The MCG, or Melbourne Cricket Ground, was built in 1853 and is one of the most important cricket grounds of all time, having hosted the first Test match between Australia and England back in 1877. Almost a century later, the first One Day International was held at the same location.

In addition to being a home for international and domestic Australian cricket, the MCG is probably more known for being the main home of the AFL or Australian Football League. The MCG has become the home stadium of several AFL teams including Collingwood, Richmond, North Melbourne, and Melbourne. It hosts the annual AFL Grand Final which is said to be the highest attended league championship event in the world. The stadium has also been used for Olympic events, the Commonwealth Games, and State of Origin rugby matches.

Located in Melbourne’s Yarra Park, Melbourne, the MCG is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere and is home to the Australian Sports Museum which offers up exciting exhibits relating to a wide range of Aussie sports as well as being the home of the Australian Sports Hall of Fame. You’ll also find statues of sporting legends like cricket’s Donald Bradman outside the stadium.


Wembley Stadium

 The new Wembley Stadium opened in 2007, seven years after the original stadium’s final event. London is filled with fantastic sports arenas, but Wembley is the biggest and many feel the best, even though the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which is only 12 miles away gives it a run for its money.

The stadium is known for hosting the home matches of England’s national football team as well as the FA Cup Final. Wembley has hosted 78 FA Cup Finals, half a dozen European Cup finals, a World Cup, and American NFL international matches. Major sporting events at Wembley have a lot of eyeballs on them, and therefore the free bets and other betting offers are ramped up by bookmakers around these periods.

Wembley Stadium accommodates 90,000 fans, its 133-metre tall arch being the longest single span roof structure in the world. It is Europe’s second largest stadium just behind Camp Nou and of course the United Kingdom’s largest. In addition to hosting famous sporting events, it has also been a venue that has seen concerts from big name musician like Adele and the Rolling Stones.

Yankee Stadium

There is no shortage of things to do in New York but catching a Yankees baseball game has to be at the top of any traveler’s list during the summer months. Replacing the old Yankee Stadium in 2009, the new Yankee Stadium is one of the most expensive stadiums ever built. Located in the Bronx, the stadium is not only home to Major League Baseball, but also is the home of the New York City Football Club.

While baseball is the primary use of the stadium, there have also been a range of other sports played here including soccer, college football, and ice hockey. The stadium features a number of replica design elements of the original Yankee Stadium and honors Yankee legends like Babe Ruth in the “Monument Park” behind the center field wall. The “Legends Suite” seats located near the field are regarded as some of the highest priced tickets in professional sports.

There are plenty of restaurants in the stadium’s Great Hall to fill your belly in-between innings and staying until the end of each game is a must to join tens of thousands of people singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” which plays over the stadium loudspeakers.

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