Why Bitcoin Millionaires Should Travel In A Private Jet

Why Bitcoin Millionaires Should Travel In A Private Jet

There are an unprecedented number of millenials who have used Bitcoin, NFTs, and TikTok to become multi-millionaires over the last few years. And if you’re one of those lucky people, it’s worth thinking about private jets the next time you want to travel.

The world is finally starting to open up after the pandemic, and privacy and personal space is valued now more than ever. Private jets aren’t just reserved for the super-rich today, and many companies are embracing crypto currency and allowing you to pay for your travel bookings with currencies like bitcoin.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should book one soon.

Fly Into Smaller Airports


When you fly on a commercial plane, you usually travel through large commercial airports. And that means lining up behind every other traveler who’s checking their bags, printing their boarding passes, queuing for customs, and chatting with immigration. Some of the world’s busiest airports (Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Los Angeles, Tokyo – for more see here), see upwards of 250,000 travelers a day, but can you imagine if you were able to avoid all of this?

A private jet will allow you to land at much smaller airports closer to where you’re going, so you’ll save quite a lot of actual travel time. 

Taking Off At A Good Time

Similarily, can you imagine if you were able to travel at the time you wanted? Maybe in the evening when you’re planning on going to bed, so you can minimize the jetlag and line up your arrival when you’re fresh.

When flying on a passenger plane, you’re obviously bound by the timing set by the airline. And for some reason they always seem to choose the most awkward departure time! Passenger flights are also regularily rescheduled, so even if you do choose an optimal time, there’s no guarenteeing the airline won’t change it on you.

Once you start flying on private jets, you get to decide when to take off. You do need to give them enough time to book a take-off slot, but the only thing which would stop you from flying at the perfect time is bad weather (which grounds everyone unfortunately!)

Impressing Your Guests


Let’s not pretend that we don’t care about the bragging rights – private jets are a lifestyle goal of most people, and are a pretty sure thing when it comes to wanting to impress. Imagine this: casually walking up to the private jet concierge to chat about your flight, being driven to the plane in a luxury car, and then asking your guests where they’d like to sit.

Flying private is a great power move if you’re trying to impress during a business trip, though it also works for whisking someone away on a luxury date, and even treating your parents – they’ll be so proud of your success! 

And while you can’t do anything about annoying passengers when you’re flying with Delta, flying private means you actually get to choose who you fly with. If you don’t think people will behave themselves, it’s within your control to leave them at home … or make them fly commercial! 

First Class Food

When was the last time you ate food from your favorite restaurant while flying? Food in first-class cabins is fantastic, but it still doesn’t compare with private jets. When you fly private, the menu is up to you, and you can often even have food delivered to the plane (got the Uber Eats app?!)

Once you’ve finished eating, you can wash it down with a lot of chilled champagne.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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