Top Reasons Why You Should Go Camping Now

Top Reasons Why You Should Go Camping Now

If you find yourself in a bit of a rut, no doubt caused by the monotony of work and everyday tasks, a camping trip may just be what the doctor and psychiatrist prescribe. Camping in the great outdoors allows us to simplify our lives for a bit and helps to detach ourselves from the hectic stresses of our daily normal routine.

Just as Vitamin C can help boost your immunity in order to avoid getting sick, a dose of Mother Nature has the ability to restore your mind and keep you sane. More and more people throughout the world are realizing the many benefits of camping and this has seen a substantial increase in the numbers of campers visiting our national parks and wilderness areas. There are also countless ways to camp these days, making it appealing to nearly anyone. In addition to an old school tent, campers are choosing to camp in RVs, yurts, teepees, and more lavish glamping accommodation. You also don’t need to travel far to enjoy a rewarding camping experience, as slices of wilderness can be found just about anywhere.

Wherever and however you decide to camp next, be sure you experience a successful camping outing by stocking up on all the supplies you’ll need. You can find information on the latest and greatest camping, hunting, fishing and water sports gear at Don’t wait, check out these top reasons why you need to do yourself a favor and get out camping now.

Experience Nature Up Close and Personal

It’s sad to say that many of us have lost that emotional connection with nature. Seeing animals in a zoo or on a David Attenborough documentary is nothing like seeing them with your own two eyes. Camping allows you to hear, smell, and see what goes on in the natural world 24/7. It often allows you to witness shy or nocturnal animals you rarely get a chance to see. Taking a break in nature opens your eyes to just how much activity and life goes on around us and makes you realize you are part of something much bigger than an office.

Camping allows you to enjoy a never ending 4D experience where you get to feel the wind and rain on your face and the soil and grass beneath your feet. You immediately begin to appreciate breathing in fresh air and getting to witness a sky full of bright stars that is usually absent in light polluted city night skies.

Learn Important Life Skills

Some people have never had to do without conveniences such as electricity, clean drinking water, and hot showers. Camping makes you appreciate life’s basics much more and helps you learn how to live without many modern conveniences. Everyone should learn skills like starting a fire, purifying water, building a shelter, and possibly even some basic archaic cooking methods. These were once skills we needed to know in order to survive each day. While we may no longer need to do these things on a daily basis to survive, this knowledge can prove to be extremely vital in many situations you may face throughout your life.

Camping forces you to learn how to use a number of tools that not only aids you in camping but can also be beneficial skills to learn for life around your home in order to do DIY renovations or yard work. It’s important to pack the right tools for any outdoor adventure and one such tool that can be extremely handy for camping is a chainsaw. They can be used to quickly and easily cut firewood and clear fallen trees from campsites and hiking trails.

To search and compare the best and latest chainsaws, we highly recommend checking out, where you’ll discover a range of convenient portable cordless and gas-powered chainsaws which are ideally suited for camping trips.  

Camping also increases your creativity and improves your problem solving skills. This can benefit you back in your everyday life at home and work. Nature can unpredictable, and camping in the elements helps to build fortitude and patience. The more often you camp, the more your planning skills will improve and you may find your self confidence getting a boost. Get out in the wild and learn to get by with little. You begin to realize just how little you need to enjoy life and survive.

Unplug from the Digital World

Today’s technology may make many tasks much easier and it provides a wide array of conveniences, but there is a dark side to too much screen time. There are many psychological issues that can be caused by checking your social media accounts constantly. You become distracted more easily, may find yourself becoming narcissistic, can frequently feel depressed, and acquire the need for instant gratification.

Camping allows you to take a break from the digital world since most campsites are Wi-Fi free and may even have little to no cell reception. Taking some time off from your phone and computer can help prevent potential problems associated with your vision, hearing, and neck muscles. Science has already begun to see the younger generation developing bone spurs on the back of their necks which is caused by constantly staring down at their phones. It’s time to switch your phone’s alarm for the early morning calls of birds.

Improve Your Health

Most of us could use some extra exercise in our lives and camping is a great way to do it without feeling like it’s a chore. Unlike slaving away on an elliptical or treadmill in a gym, hiking or kayaking outdoors doesn’t seem like torture since you are being exposed to new stimuli and adventures. Enjoying a bit of outdoor recreation usually goes hand in hand with camping and being active outdoors will help you lower your stress levels, reduce your risk for heart disease, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and easily shed some fat and calories.

Most campers tend to eat much healthier and less frequently as well. You won’t have access to greasy fried food and often will find yourself eating more fruits and vegetables that don’t spoil as quickly without refrigeration. Getting a bit of sun will also fill your need for Vitamin D, just remember to use sunscreen and where a hat to protect you from the sun’s harmful effects.

Remember to learn some basic first-aid in case you or your camping companions experience injuries from hiking, biking, or kayaking. Packing essential supplies and a first-aid kit will also allow you to deal with camping emergencies that may come your way.  

Strengthen Bonds with Family and Friends

Camping allows you to remove distractions like phones and TV so you can enjoy some face to face conversations with your family or friends. Texting or Facebook messaging cannot compare with direct conversations with others, where you get a chance to make eye contact and read each other’s emotions. Having quiet time with your loved ones allows you to discuss important topics and share anything that may be bothering you. You can share stories, reflect on past events, and talk about future plans.

Camping forces you to engage in a bit of team building, which will have you feeling closer to one another as you solve problems like erecting a tent and learning to get things done in a new environment. It is often too difficult to find the time to really spend quality time with family and friends during our everyday lives, so allow camping to be an excuse to reconnect with one another.

Get Better Sleep

Camping allows you to get back into your natural circadian rhythm or 24 hour sleep/wake cycle. Those having trouble sleeping may find that a camping trip can help reset their biological clock. Artificial light from phones, TVs, and computer screens disrupts our biological clock and can make it difficult for many to fall asleep at appropriate times. Getting adequate sleep is important for our overall health and wellbeing and keeps us much more pleasant to be around.

In addition to not being inundated with artificial light, the energy we expend while camping and enjoying the great outdoors will tire us out and help us to fall asleep much more quickly and for longer periods. Being active is a major key to finding better sleep. You probably don’t recall having trouble sleeping when you were a child because you were most likely much more active.

Camping also does away with disturbances such as honking car horns, trains, airplanes, and general commotion that you may face in the city. Replace these sounds with ocean waves, crickets, or simply pure silence and you will get to sleep much easier.

Camping is Affordable

Camping is also the perfect option for when you need a break but your finances are tight. Camping is one of the most economical ways to enjoy a vacation. You’ll save a great deal of money by not forking out loads of cash on a hotel room. You will also eat for far less money since you will be relying on the groceries you pack and will be cooking for yourself as opposed to eating out every night.

You need not spend a great deal on gas either, since camping areas can readily be found a short distance from where you live. You don’t need to travel far to experience a new change of scenery and have exciting activities. Many outdoor activities you will enjoy on a camping adventure are also usually free if you already have the equipment. Enjoy birdwatching, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and more all for less than the admission of a theme park ticket.


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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. Great Article, I have always been lazy to go camping until recently when I went with my Wife as we are currently trying new things, long story short it was the best experience I have ever experienced in a while, fell in love with nature… definitely going back… Keep up the great work

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  2. Apt!!! Camping is really underrated. It only people are aware of these benefits you listed and the other benefits, there will be a lot more people taking their vacations in the wild.
    Thanks for sharing.

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