Top 5 Isolated Wilderness Areas Abroad

Top 5 Isolated Wilderness Areas Abroad

Development and modernization is spreading throughout the world at an alarming pace. With many wild areas now overrun by tourists, there are luckily still places left that will unleash your inner explorer.

Skeleton Coast

Named from the bones of whales that lay scattered along the coastline from the whaling days, the rugged untamed coastline now stands as a graveyard for ships who fell victim to its chronic fog. Namibia is beginning  to pop up on the radar of adventure travelers however there are still parts of the Skeleton Coast that remain unexplored.

Home to giraffes, elephants, Black rhinos, and lions with a will to survive like no other. It is beautiful as it is harsh with dramatic coastlines giving way to extremely arid desert. Many areas of the park are off limits to visitors both for conservation and safety purposes and areas that are open to tourists are restricted by permits and only open for short windows. It is an area that will definitely not be developed any time soon as plans are in order to make it one of the largest protected areas on the planet.

Borneo & Sumatra

Home to some of the last truly wild rainforested areas, Borneo and Sumatra are what you read about in National Geographic. Easily accessible via its cities, it offers wildlife found nowhere else like tigers, rhinos, elephants, and orangutans. It is here where science has the best chance of discovering new species.

Tours show outsiders glimpses of what Borneo has to offer via some of its incredible National Parks but much of its land lies untouched and unexplored.


To this day the icy continent remains so isolated that it really doesn’t belong to any country other than being home to several nations research bases. There may be tourism but it still lacks hotels and restaurants. It is pure wilderness at its best with virtually no pollution of modern civilization. Extremely strict regulations ensure its pristine landscape will continue on.

To get a real taste of what Antarctica truly is one must avoid the big cruise ships that simply do a float by of the continent. One must choose an operator which allows continental landings, closeup encounters with wildlife, and options for routes rarely taken by the majority of tour companies. Highly recommended is Chimu Adventures which offer all of these things.


The Arctic offers a world seen by few and only though documentaries do we get the chance to glimpse its wonders. Arctic cruises are the chance to see polar bears, narwhals, Belugas, Muskox, and walrus just some of the animals seen nowhere else. It is home to the magical lands of northern Russia, Norway, Greenland, Alaska, and Canada offering many entrances.

With adventurous and isolated destinations comes greater risks. Many of these areas are rugged and injury can come easily. Many are so remote that having travel protection with medical transport membership programs such as MedjetAssist is essential; if you are hospitalized in a country overseas, MedjetAssist can arrange medical transport to get you to the hospital of your choice back home.

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