Social Media and its Effect on the Future of Dating Apps

Social Media and its Effect on the Future of Dating Apps

When social media and their apps began infiltrating our lives, they not only changed how we share information and connect with the world. Many of the technological advancements social media brought us also influenced online dating which have also adopted apps that allow us to seek out romantic relationships.

While social media and dating apps may seem very similar these days, they both have their differences and serve a very different purpose. Yes, both allow us to connect with one another, but the information we share and ways we connect are done very differently between the two.

Both social media and dating app usage increased during the pandemic, allowing us to connect with one another when we couldn’t physically. And while you can potentially meet a love interest through social media, utilizing dating apps offers you a much better chance of connecting with someone romantically because they are designed solely for that purpose.

So whether you’re a man seeking out a Swedish blonde bombshell or black-haired girl from the Caribbean, or a woman looking for their future ruggedly handsome husband, dating apps may be the way to go.

Let us look at the rise of dating apps, how they differ from social media, how they have been influenced by social media, and the advancements users can now expect or expect very soon.  

The Rise of Dating Apps

We all live busy lives these days and our ability to dedicate time to seeking out a partner has become much more difficult than it once was. When dating apps came onto the scene roughly 10 years ago, it allowed people to seek out love interests with ease whenever they had free time straight from their phone.

What started out as just one or two dating apps in the beginning quickly led to countless apps including many that are now quite niche, making it easier than ever to seek out a romantic relationship whether you’re looking for something casual or more serious and long-lasting.

We have the rise of social media and their apps to thank for starting this revolutionary shift in how we date because it created the building blocks from which today’s dating apps were created. Not too long after Facebook came on the scene did we see dating apps start to come into the picture. Before, there were dating websites, but the rise of dating apps really is what attracted more and more people to seek out relationships and hook-ups online.

We quickly saw the first gay dating apps being created, followed by others that were aimed at single millennials. There are now millions of people all across the world using dating apps, often spending more than 10 hours per week seeking out everything from their soul mate to one- night stands.

The fact is that dating apps are here to stay. We have become addicted to them much like we have social media. And as dating apps continue to improve, more and more people are likely to end up finding their romantic relationships using them.   

Why Dating Apps are So Appealing

Dating apps have allowed us to connect with people who we might otherwise never have a chance of crossing paths with. They have become one of the most popular ways for couples to meet these days and many of the relationships that are created through dating apps are said to be more satisfying, with less frequency of breakups or divorce.

A large part of why dating apps are more successful or superior to general social media apps in terms of finding potential romantic partners is that they are specifically designed to match singles based on their interests and dimensions of compatibility. They narrow down the large sea of fish out there to allow you to focus your time on those that are likely to result in something positive.

Dating apps have also allowed people that are shy, introverted, or simply don’t have the time to go to social gatherings the opportunity to still potentially find a partner. Dating apps take much of the fear out of approaching someone and asking them out since you don’t have to do it face to face in the physical world.

You can get to know a person long before you actually meet them, allowing you to ease into a relationship and build up confidence before actually dating them in the real world. Many users feel they can open up more freely and be honest about who they are with feeling less judged.

Because dating apps make communicating with potential partners less intimidating, people are more likely to start conversations and begin building a bond with someone long before they actually make plans to meet.

And one of the best aspects of dating apps these days is that there are so many out there that you are sure to find one that allows you to seek out the type of partner you’re interested in finding. You can search for partners based on all kinds of physical preferences, religious faiths, and interests.

There are dating apps designed specifically for busy professionals, seniors, nature lovers, and just about any other niche group you can think of.

How Social Media Has Influenced Dating Apps

Many of the advancements and features developed by social media platforms have spilled over to dating apps. This means that you can often enjoy a very similar experience, albeit it with the focus being on finding a partner.

Many dating apps now use geolocation technology and provide GPS-based matches, allow text messaging, video chat, photo sharing, image filters, and other features you are used to seeing and using on social media.

Push notifications are another major dating app feature that alerts us of potential matches and keeps us engaged with apps. Some dating apps have even followed in social media’s footsteps by creating events where singles can meet up. They are often events that cater to certain groups of people such as animal lovers, fitness-minded people, or lovers of certain music. This means you are likely to share common interests with potential partners.  

Some dating apps even allow users to play in-app games while talking virtually to potential partners, and so-called icebreakers are also becoming an increasingly popular feature of dating apps. There is even the ability to integrate social media profiles into your dating app profile.

How Dating Apps Differ from Social Media

Unlike many social media platforms which offer both a website and app version, many dating apps are found strictly via mobile apps. And unlike most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, dating apps often require payment to fully use. They may be initially free to download and use but to access the full range of features that make them worthwhile for finding partner you will likely need to pay some kind of registration or subscription fee.

Another way dating apps differ from social media is the type of information you share on them and what information they gather from you. Social media is a place to share your everyday moments, thoughts, and feelings via videos, text, memes, and photos.

With dating apps, you are generally more selective of what information you offer and users can’t go stalk through years of your profile history and maybe see who you once were, unflattering photos, or who your friends are.

Social media introduces your entire online history in many cases to potential partners whereas dating apps can allow you to showcase the person you are now and what you are looking for in a partner.

While social media may collect and display information like gender, location, education, workplace, interests, and profile pics, dating apps often go further to be able to ensure your preferences line up with potential partners. This means you may list things like your political affiliation, religious beliefs, physical traits, criminal history information, whether or not you desire a family, etc.

Not all dating apps require filling out a long list of questions or divulging a wealth of personal information. It depends on what type of relationship you’re after. You need to decide whether you’re after a casual fling or something more serious.

Just know that whatever your dating profile looks like, it is supposed to be designed to attract the partner you are seeking and not simply a profile to entertain your family and friends or gain likes and attention like social media is often about.

Future Improvements of Dating Apps and Precautions to Take

If you are planning to join a dating website, there are some things you may want to be aware of before diving in. Registering and making a profile on a dating app is usually an easy and painless process, but there are some things you should do to ensure your safety.

Just as you can fall prey to social media scams, so to can you be deceived by people on dating websites. Most of us have heard stories of people being catfished. It’s difficult to fully prevent users from creating fake profile identities that can defraud and harm others who are truly trying to find real love.

So trust your instincts and do your best to make sure you really can trust a person before you make the leap from communicating with them virtually to meeting them in real life. You can do things like creating a dedicated email address solely used for signing up to dating apps and set up a mail forwarding service to relay any message to your main email address. You can also use a burner phone if a phone number is required upon signup so you aren’t supplying your main cell number.  

Dating apps are beginning to take a greater responsibility when it comes to protecting users from fraudulent  people and bad online behavior. Dating apps boast security and encryption systems found on social media platforms like WhatsApp and other social media apps.

These security measures work wonders in keeping things private on social media handles and help keep things private on dating apps too.

Dating app technology has advanced a lot over the years but is still quite basic when you consider how far dating apps are likely to advance in the near future.

When it comes to future improvements of dating apps, we are likely to see more advanced translation systems that will allow those seeking out international relationships to communicate with each other with greater ease. This will no doubt equate to a higher prevalence of long distance relationships.

The use of AI will allow us to find more suitable matches and create more accurate dating app profiles. There are also now AI writing services that will help you create a more appealing dating app profile which will allow you to showcase who you really are in way that you may otherwise struggle to do so yourself.

Virtual-reality dating apps will also become more advanced as people begin to date in the Metaverse before meeting in person. You may be portrayed by a fictional avatar as opposed to a real life profile picture.

Dating apps are also likely to continue to use science and highly-advanced algorithms to produce more successful relationships. As dating apps become more fine-tuned, the number of people using them to find love or romantic connections is likely to only increase.


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