What to Expect from a Stay on Necker Island

What to Expect from a Stay on Necker Island

So, you’ve got money to burn and are seeking a high-end, secluded island retreat with top-notch service and amenities. Look no further than Caribbean’s Necker Island, a British Virgin Island that offers up supreme privacy, beautiful beaches and views of the Caribbean Sea, endangered wildlife, and a wide array of activities.

The island’s sole resort provides luxurious accommodations, including private villas and Balinese-style houses, along with a dedicated staff to cater to just about every need you may have.

Let’s dive deeper into where Necker Island is, why it’s famous, and what you can expect by booking this once in a lifetime experience.

What and Where is Necker Island?

Necker Island is an exclusive destination in the eastern British Virgin Islands which is owned by one man, Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. Branson, who is known for investing in land and transforming it into something special, is no stranger to buying up islands in the Caribbean, as he also owns Mosquito Island.

Branson first visited Necker Island in 1978 and bought it for just $180,000. Back in 2018, CNBC covered how the entrepreneur managed to bag a slice of paradise for such a low figure. One of the conditions upon his purchase was that he was required to build a resort on the island within 4 years of purchasing it.

Once only having been visited by the occasional Carib Indian tribe over the previous centuries, in the decades that have passed since the island’s purchase, Branson’s vision for Necker Island has come to be a reality. Today, the island attracts celebrities and affluent travelers from around the world and even presidents such as former US President Barack Obama.

Interested? You can secure your stay by either booking out exclusive use of the island and resort or booking a single room during select weeks of the year.

As the island’s experience is all about luxury from the moment you set foot on the island to the moment you leave, most guests arrive by private jet and guests can ensure easy and comfortable access to the island by joining a private jet program.

What to Expect from Necker Island

The highest levels of service are to be expected at this exclusive island destination, and that’s exactly what guests are given. The highly-trained team is always on-call to cater to guests’ every need in order to deliver a first-class travel experience unlike any other.  

The island’s resort can accommodate up to 48 guests and is often booked out by a single wealthy client who may be arranging accommodation for a group whether it be business related or something like a destination wedding or other private celebration.

A single night on the island will set you back around $135,000 USD per night when booking exclusive use of the island and resort. If that happens to be a bit beyond your reach, there are select so-called Celebration Weeks offered between July and November where you can simply book a single room. This option will still set you back around $4,000-$8,000 per night, with a minimum 7-night stay required

Necker Island provides an exclusive and secluded experience for those seeking an ultra-luxurious Caribbean getaway. You can expect Balinese-style villas featuring open walls that allow for 360-degree views of the Caribbean.

The cost of the stay includes the use of beaches, pools, personal chef, water sports equipment, tennis courts, and more. Activities can also be arranged to suit each individual traveler’s needs.

Activities to Experience on Necker Island

Guests can enjoy a broad range of activities both on land and sea. Water sports are popular and range from kiteboarding and paddleboarding to kayaking and snorkeling. Scuba diving trips can also be arranged, offering scuba training courses on the island if you’re not already PADI qualified.

For fortunate kids with wealthy parents that get to tag along for a trip to the exclusive island, there are treasure hunts and beach Olympics.

Guests can also take boat trips to nearby islands or enjoy leisurely cruises around the region. Cruises may include stopping at famous beach bars, the Virgin Gorda Baths, and Anegada Island which offers up an impressive barrier reef.

Relax in the infinity pool or take advantage of spa treatments that utilize Sodashi organic hand crafted skincare products. There are also instructor-led yoga classes, fancy tennis courts as mentioned before, and a number of hiking trails to observe the island’s exotic wildlife.

Sustainability and the Environment on the Island

Much is being done to make Necker Island a sustainable eco-tourism travel destination. It is hoped the resort will be able to soon eliminate fossil fuel consumption and achieve net zero emissions by 2030. The island already features several wind turbines and a large solar farm which will aid in achieving this goal.

Branson has also introduced a number of exotic and endangered animals to the island in the hopes to create successful breeding programs that will ensure the survival of vulnerable species.

While Necker Island may be rather small, at less than 75 acres, much of this is left in a pristine natural state which attracts an abundance of native Caribbean wildlife while also supporting the various introduced species. All up, there is a total of 140 animal species thriving on the island.

You may be surprised to learn there are a number of lemur species living on the island which have been introduced from Madagascar. This includes the famous ringtail lemurs you may be familiar with as well as mongoose, collared brown, and greater bamboo lemurs.

Other wildlife than can be observed on the island includes flamingos and vibrant scarlet ibises, Aldabra giant tortoises which are endemic to the Seychelles, iguanas, and exotic parrots.

The island also participates in the Pack for a Purpose program which encourages travelers to pack much-needed school and medical supplies for children in the region. Meanwhile, the island’s restaurant aims to source their ingredients from local farmers and fishermen whenever possible.

While the British Virgin Islands may include roughly 50 different islands, none offer quite the experience like Necker Island. It offers a truly exclusive holiday to see an unspoiled side of the Caribbean. Simply setting foot on an island visited by such prominent people over the years will give you a sense that you are truly blessed.    

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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