Elephant Saves Man From Perceived Drowning

Elephant Saves Man From Perceived Drowning

pegnent-elephant-266063_1920Darrick Thomson, co founder of the Save Elephant Foundation, helped rescue a baby elephant last year who would later be named Kham Lha. A year later the elephant would return the favor when she thought her new friend was drowning.

Darrick called out to the young elephant while floating down a river in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park to see what her reaction would be. It turns out her reaction was to charge into the water and offer her trunk as a helping hand to the man that saved her.

The Elephant Nature Park is run by the Save Elephant Foundation which offers close encounters and interactions with Indian elephants without the exploitation and mistreatment common in many other Southeast Asian tourist sites. This a must visit when visiting Thailand along with other incredible adventures offered through Thailand tour packages.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. Wow this is an amazing story. *speechless*

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    • We seem to underestimate just how much animals can understand and feel. Stories like this show us just how incredible species other than ourselves are.

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