Ducks On a Plane!

Ducks On a Plane!

1We are all familiar with the film Snakes On a Plane, however you may actually find yourself seated next to one soon as more and more people are being allowed exotic pets to be named emotional support pets. A 1986 U.S. Congress Act allows for passengers to fly with service animals so long as they provide the proper documentation and keep their “pets” restrained.

This has allowed passengers bringing animals such as turtles, kangaroos, turkeys, and even horses on planes. It is political correctness gone to far, but airlines face large fines and media backlash for the refusal of support animal admittance. This has left some passengers obviously irate. You thought a screaming child was bad, how about a skunk seated beside you.

Here’s hoping you don’t get seated next to Shrek on your next flight as there is no doubt he will want to take his friend on board, and we all know he is an ass.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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