Dosing CBD Oil for Your Pet

Dosing CBD Oil for Your Pet

Pet owners are increasingly looking at CBD products for pets to help improve their pet’s fitness and overall quality of life.

Over just the last few years, there has been a much greater focus on research and a better understanding of the various ways that pets can benefit from CBD. Many pet owners are now choosing to give their pets CBD supplements to help improve their physical health and ensure they live happy and energetic lives.

Products like CBD oil tinctures are the perfect way to add CBD into your pet’s life. CBD oils can also be super easily incorporated into a pet’s food for a stress-free way of ensuring that your pet always gets its supplements.

Is CBD Safe for Pets, and Why Does Correct Dosing Matter?

One of the main questions that people will begin to ask when they first consider giving CBD oil to their pets is whether or not it is safe. There has been a great deal of research into the safety of CBD and whether they are any risks associated with frequent CBD usage.

While most of the studies have focused on humans, a few valuable pieces of research have looked at pets and how CBD affects them.

The results of the myriad research that has been carried out have been extremely positive. It is thought that, like humans, there are very few adverse effects from regular CBD supplements.

One thing that has been shown in almost every study is that finding the correct dose to match a person or pet’s body and health needs is vital. In most cases where adverse effects have occurred, too high of a dose has been consumed.

When the body receives too many cannabinoids at once, it becomes overwhelming. The increasing chance of side effects with higher doses makes it vital to find the perfect amount of CBD for your pets.


How to Determine the Right Dose of CBD for Your Pet

There are two essential things to consider when giving your pet CBD oil and deciding on the correct dosage. The first is your pet’s size, which is a significant factor in determining how much CBD their body can handle at once.

The second thing is your pet’s CBD tolerance. The higher your pet’s tolerance to cannabinoids, the stronger the dose they will need to experience noticeable effects.

Luckily, this second point only applies later as your pets build a higher tolerance the more they consume CBD.

Regarding the first point, the general advice is that pets should be given 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds they weigh.

When giving pets CBD as a general supplement, it is best to stay at the lower end of the scale with 1-2mg. When treating particular conditions and symptoms, the higher end of the scale with between 3-4mg is likely to be more effective.

CBD oil tinctures will typically come with easy-to-understand instructions detailing set amounts of oil based on your cat’s size.

It is just a little trickier when it comes to CBD for dogs as their size varies much more than cats. When giving CBD oil to dogs, it is best to be on the safe side and regularly check their weight to calculate the correct amount of oil to give.

How Often Should You Give Your Pet CBD?

There is no one correct answer regarding how often you should give your pets CBD. The frequency at which a cat or a dog should be given CBD supplements will depend on the individual and several factors that will be unique to them.

An excellent place to get started is by discussing the idea of giving your pet CBD supplements with their vet. Your vet will know their health and medical needs better than anyone else and is, therefore, the best person to give advice.

There are several things worth carefully considering before you speak to your vet so that you can answer their questions and get the best possible advice.

Firstly, your vet will want to know why you are considering giving your pet CBD. This information is vital for deciding how often CBD should be given. One dose per day will likely be sufficient if CBD supplements are given as a supplement and not to treat a particular ailment.

In contrast, if you are looking to treat a specific condition, giving your pet a more frequent dose of CBD might be necessary.

Secondly, you might want to consider your pet’s eating habits and how they react to new foods. This information helps decide when and how to work CBD into your pet’s diet.

Remember that if you ever have any concerns, always discuss them with your vet and make sure also to follow any guidance that comes with CBD pet oil tinctures.


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