4 Ultimate Ways to Enjoy a Sauna

4 Ultimate Ways to Enjoy a Sauna

People have been embracing saunas for centuries not only for their numerous physical benefits, but for their mental benefits as well. Physically, saunas have been shown to improve your circulation which can help promote better joint movement, soothe muscle soreness, and help ease arthritis pain. Athletes often use saunas as a way to aid the body’s recovery after intense activity and men have been show to exhibit a much lower risk for cardiovascular disease if they spend time in a sauna at least once a week. Saunas also flush toxins from the body and can help if you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Mentally, saunas can help relieve stress and anxiety through the release of endorphins as you enjoy the soothing comfort and overall calming sensation induced by the room.

Some people resort to going to gyms which offer sauna rooms to be able to take advantage of their many benefits, however, you don’t need to invest in a gym membership if your only purpose of going is to be able to use the sauna room. This is because sauna rental providers make mobile saunas available for your own personal use at your home or a special event that you may be hosting. Renting a mobile sauna is one of the best ways to enjoy a private relaxing sauna experience or possibly spend some quality alone time with your partner. You’re more apt to use a sauna that is private and readily available to you, making renting a sauna a worthwhile investment. To make your sauna even more fulfilling, we have gathered our four top ways to enhance your sauna experience.

Enhance the Sauna Room with Essential Oils

There are numerous aromatherapy essential oils that emit distinct scents. Some of these essential oils are relaxing, while others are invigorating. Eucalyptus oil is one of the most widely used essential oils for saunas worldwide, however, it is the smell of birch which reigns supreme in Finland which is where the idea of the sauna was born. Other top essential oils for sauna aromatherapy include lavender, peppermint, clary sage, and cypress. You can even combine different oils to create delightful scent combinations such as sandalwood and lemon or pine and rosemary. Different oils trigger different positive responses which may include calming your nerves, boosting your energy, or helping you focus. Simply research different essential oils and use the ones that offer the benefits you’re after. It’s important to note that when using essential oils during a spa, they should be diluted.

Play Soothing Background Music

While saunas can be quite relaxing simply sitting in pure silence, many sauna rooms are equipped with an entertainment system that allows you to play your favorite relaxing music. People often find adding soothing music to their sauna experience takes them to a different world far removed from their daily chaotic life. Try complementing your sauna experience with meditative hymns, ambient music, relaxing sleep music, natural rainforest sounds, or your favorite instrumental music. Whatever music usually puts you in a relaxing mood will only be enhanced when you’re in a sauna.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before Your Sauna Session

Eating a heavy meal before you enter a sauna room can often make you feel uncomfortable and rather bloated. For this reason, it is best to eat a light meal or snack if you’re hungry before your sauna session. Great light snacks to eat before a sauna include yogurt, fruits, mixed nuts, kale chips, or celery sticks. Opting for a warm tea such as chamomile before heading into a sauna is another great option which will only enhance your overall calmness. A light meal or snack will help keep your hunger pangs away without making you feel nauseous and possibly needing to make a hasty exit.

Let it all Hang Out

While you may feel uncomfortable stripping down to what nature gave you, going naked in a sauna allows you to reap the full benefits of the experience. This is because wearing clothes in a sauna often hampers sweat evaporation. Going naked in a public sauna can seem quite daunting for many, which is why renting your own sauna may be the perfect solution.

Simply take a towel in with you to sit or lie on which will help soak up your sweat. Note that 100% cotton towels will provide the most comfort and are often the best for absorbing sweat. After your sauna session, being naked allows you to easily go from the hot room to a cold bath or shower without needing to strip down and find a place for your sweaty clothes. Note that taking a cold shower or bath after a sauna will invigorate your skin, cleanse you of your sweat, and help close your pores.

To wrap things up, saunas offer numerous benefits for both your body and mind. The best way to maximize the many advantages of a sauna is to make the experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. We hope these few tips will help you to enjoy a more rewarding sauna experience, however, it’s also wise to always consult with your doctor before using a sauna if you have a health condition such as heart problems. We also encourage you to avoid consuming alcohol while using a sauna and remind you to always stay hydrated during your sauna experience.


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Author: Michael Jerrard

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