Tips for Exploring the Wild Outdoors by Motorcycle

Tips for Exploring the Wild Outdoors by Motorcycle

Exploring the wild outdoors is always an exciting experience, one made even more exhilarating when riding a motorcycle. Taking in dramatic natural landscapes as the wind rushes around you and the adrenaline pumps through your veins is an incomparable feeling of freedom.

Whether you are planning a bike trip through America’s Rocky Mountains or across Australia’s Outback, motorcycle trips require a bit of planning to  make sure things go smoothly. Here are some top tips you should follow for exploring the wild outdoors by motorcycle.



Plan Your Route Thoroughly

Choosing the right itinerary for your motorcycle trip is the first step. You should choose a location or route which you can realistically achieve and one that offers plenty of enjoyment that will suit your own individual personality.

Plan out your daily rides and travel distances along with selecting landmarks or attractions you’d like to experience each day. Of course having maps and a quality GPS will be extremely helpful so as to not get lost and to give you an idea of distances and time.

The more of your trip you plan, the less surprises you will encounter. You want to make sure your route includes places to eat, fill up on fuel, and of course accommodation at the end of the day. You also want to make sure you don’t miss any must-see places.

Prepare for Nature’s Elements

Everyone knows that Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Weather forecasts can change in an instant, and what was an enjoyable sunny ride can quickly become wet and miserable.

When taking a motorcycle trip, it is essential to pack a light raincoat and always have a warm zipper jacket just in case you get caught up in any unexpected weather situations and for general safety while riding.  Likewise you should always wear protective clothing such as boots, gloves, and of course a helmet when riding as debris, animals, and nature’s elements can make roads hazardous without much warning.

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Make Your Travel Plans Known to Family or Friends

An essential part of exploring the wild outdoors by motorcycle is safety. Seeing as you may be going a bit off the beaten track on your journey and motorcycling is somewhat dangerous, you should always make sure someone knows where you are planning to be. This is extremely important if traveling alone.

Print out or email your itinerary to a close friend or family member and be sure to check in with them regularly. When riding, be sure to have emergency contact numbers with you such as in your wallet or jacket pocket. Having a cell phone or better yet a satellite phone will allow you to reach help quickly if you need it. Be aware that different countries have different phone numbers for emergency services, so familiarize yourself with all the appropriate emergency numbers.

Book your Accommodation Early

When planning out your motorcycle trip, it is essential to pre-book all your accommodation early or be assured there will be availability wherever you are going. Towns around popular National Parks often have limited hotel options and even campsites can book out months in advance during peak season.

You want to be assured you have somewhere safe to sleep especially when traveling in an unfamiliar location overseas. Research the best accommodation options using websites like Tripadvisor, paying close attention to whether secure parking is available for your bike and what nightly parking rates may be.

Work out Your Fuel Requirements

Seeing as you can’t get anywhere without fuel, you’ll need to crunch some numbers and work out how much you’re going to need. Be sure to plan routes which include gas stations and always have more than enough spare fuel.

Traveling can be spontaneous and Mother Nature has a mind of her own, meaning your itinerary can be altered rather easily. Be sure to always budget for using more fuel than you think you’ll need. Always having enough fuel will assure you get to experience all you wish to and will mean you won’t  have to wait for help on the side of the road.

Refueling Your Body

Just as your bike needs fuel, so too does your body so as to keep you fresh and alert. Be sure your route includes places to eat or better yet pack a cooler and seek out a scenic picnic spot. Note that off the beaten path destinations may not have access to grocery stores and restaurants may have limited hours during the slow season.

Stock up on essentials like water and make sure you always carry any medication you may need along with an EpiPen for allergy emergencies.

Always be sure to bring cash along as some small towns may not accept credit cards, especially in foreign destinations. Be aware that there may be quarantine laws when traveling interstate where you may not be able to carry fruit and vegetables across state lines. Countries like Australia have strict food quarantine laws to protect crops and you may face large fines for not declaring or disposing of certain types of food.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. Thank you for the article. Need summer to come to get the bike out again!

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  2. If you have another motorcycle or two or all you do is commute short distances, then an EV motorcycle might make some sense. It will certainly have a lot of torque and go fast. But, for any distances, I wouldnt want to be subject to the “range anxiety that current technology hasnt yet solved. Admittedly, the car companies seem to be making some real progress in terms of mileage (250-300+). When motorcycles get to that kind of range, they may become serious contenders. Interestingly, I did see a custom EV bike at the One Show in PDX recently that was designed to easily replace the battery whenever the charge was low. But, that would either mean carrying a spare or having an infrastructure in place where you could give them your old one in exchanged for a fully charged one. Nice idea but, its still a bit of science fiction. H-D has more immediate problems to solve.

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  3. This tips about Outdoors by Motorcycle. I have read your this tips very carefully because I love motorcycle riding. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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