Mykonos Island’s Lively and Natural Atmosphere

Mykonos Island’s Lively and Natural Atmosphere

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands and part of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. To experience all the sheer beauty Mykonos Island has to offer, set yourself up at Villa Elia. Overlooking the famous Elia Beach, you will enjoy the perfect location for a truly memorable holiday. Far enough from the center of town to enjoy the peace and quiet yet close enough should you need anything.

 villa Elia and Elia Beach

Admire the colorful reflections of the many boats located in the stunning blue waters below. Nature lovers will want to look out for the local pelicans that wander along the waterfront.

Petros the Pelican was the official mascot of Mykonos. He was found by fishermen after a severe storm hit the waterfront in 1958. The locals nursed the lovable bird back to health and he became an instant loyal companion to the islanders. 

The local residents of Hora, the island’s historic port and capital, have established an old tradition by allowing pelicans to wander around the waterfront. The pelicans have become an important part of the daily life on this island and capturing a photo is a must during your visit.

Little Venice

Alefkantra or Little Venice is considered to be one of the island’s most scenic spots. Dating back to the eighteenth century, the area is dominated by mansions that belonged to the grand captains. The mansions have stylish windows as well as colorful balconies that are perched over the Aegean Sea. Upon seeing these balconies, visitors were reminded of Venice, hence the area’s given nickname of Little Venice.

Relax in the area’s waterfront cafes and marvel at the view of old-fashioned windmills standing on the hillside, looking rather imposing against a luminous backdrop of nothing but blue.

An Outdoor Recreation Lover’s Dream

 Mykonos is considered to be a haven for all kinds of outdoor recreation excitement. Mykonos is known as the “Island of Winds” and it attracts thousands of sailors and surfers from all corners of the world. There is a vast selection of beaches to choose from including Ftelia, Kalafatis, Korfos, and Ammos. Surfing lessons are also available to visitors on the island.

Enjoy a round of mini golf or play some tennis at Ayios Stefanos. Ayia Anna offers beach volleyball while jet skiing and sea parachuting can be experienced at Kalafatis or Elia. This is one more reason to make Villa Elia your base when staying on Mykonos.

Scuba diving fans will be excited about exploring the underwater world of Mykonos. Numerous diving centers are located on the island where snorkeling lessons are provided and which offer sales of diving equipment.

Mykonos for Food Lovers

Explore the surrounding area via a boat cruise where you can take in secluded beaches or enjoy some fishing hot spots. While you are out exploring, do not miss out on opportunities to try out some Aegean cuisine specialties. One of the recommended items would be flavored Kopanisti which is soft cheese seasoned with pepper. It is one of the most enjoyed appetizers in Greece and delicious when you top it on round Rusk and spread grated tomatoes on it.

Another great delicacy is Louzes, pork sausages cooked and served with spices that include local oregano. Dessert lovers need to try Amigdalota, small cakes baked with rosewater, ground almonds, and castor sugar. Honey pies are another specialty in Mykonos.

Saragli and Amigdalota desserts: photo by Alpha

Discover the Natural Beauty of Mykonos Island

Villa Elia makes the perfect base for exploring the natural beauty of Mykonos Island. You will be blown away by the sun-kissed Elia Beach stretched out before you as you awaken each morning. It is no wonder the beach is a favorite of celebrities. Visits to Super Paradise Beach and Platis Gialos and its beach are also a must. You will be able to soak up the sun while you laze around on sun lounges.

Houlakia and Agrari are somewhat serene beaches where you can relax and unwind. They are situated on the northern coast of the island. Psarou and Ornos are the popular family spots.

Delos is an island that would be of interest to archaeologists. It is only a short boat trip away. The island is considered to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Additionally, one can spot the unique birds of the islands that make up the Cyclades. Eleonora’s Falcon is popular in these parts of the world along with Audouin’s Gulls, Cory’s Shearwater, and the Mediterranean Shag.

Bonelli’s Eagle: Photo by Francesco Veronesi

Keep your eyes open for bird sightings as you sail from one island to another. The night calls of Shearwater can be heard while sailing between islets. Other bird species found in these regions include the long-legged buzzard, the cacique, and the blue rock thrush. If you are lucky, you could even spot a Bonelli’s Eagle.

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