Things to Remember When Starting Photography as Your Hobby

Things to Remember When Starting Photography as Your Hobby

Most of us have hobbies growing up, and it’s because we’re either too bored or too creative, but some hobbies can become extra time-consuming as well as quite expensive.

Photography is one of those hobbies that can be as simple or involved as you make it to be. Most of us have learned to become at the very least novice photographers in order to be able to post pleasing images on our social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. But even simple photography tasks such as this often requires knowing a bit of technical aspects such as how to resize an image for free since each social media platform has its own recommended image dimensions and file size limits.

To create quality photography, it also helps to have the correct gear to get you started. A good camera can be found by using websites such as, which details the latest products in a helpful manner. You’ll be able to choose the product that fits your needs and get to work on your hobby quickly.

Having photography as your hobby can easily prove to be an expensive endeavor and is often challenging when first starting out. Learning photography skills, however, can be a great investment for your future should you wish to turn your hobby into a career.  

For anyone looking to explore the world of photography in more detail, there are a few things you should consider before getting started. Here is a quick guide to some of the top things you should remember before jump-starting your hobby in photography.

It Can Easily Break Your Bank

No doubt about it, photography can be a very expensive hobby. Although simple point and shoot cameras can be rather inexpensive, more serious cameras such as DSLRs can set you back nearly $1,000 for just the camera body. There are also specialty cameras such as drone cameras as well as thermal imaging cameras like those found at

Individual attachment lenses can cost just as much, especially when looking at large long range telephoto lenses. You then of course need a variety of other camera gear depending on what subject you are shooting. Things such as tripods, camera bags, flashes, and memory cards are often required and can quickly add up in costs.

With that being said, having photography as a hobby means you’re willing to invest the money that is required because it is something you thoroughly enjoy doing. However, your success in photography is not anchored on how great or expensive your gear is. Becoming a skilled photographer is more about putting time and effort into learning skills and really becoming passionate about a subject or set of subjects.

Of course, having quality gear will allow you the means to create more professional stunning images once you have sharpened your skills as a photographer.  Purchasing quality gear requires you to invest a substantial amount of money if you are really looking to take your photography hobby to the next level. This isn’t a problem if you have a substantial savings set aside or know how much emergency fund you have to spare, but often most of us find it hard to come up with extra cash.  

Thankfully there are easy options available to coming up with the funds needed to fuel your photography hobby, especially if you are responsible with managing your finances effectively. Taking out a loan can be a great way to give you a head start by allowing you to purchase the equipment you need and paying it off over time.  

It is important to understand the details of getting a loan and know how things like having a high credit score can help you get approved more easily and with better rates. You can learn more at this site.


 Photography can be Time Consuming

Like any other hobby, photography requires a lot of time to develop the skills needed for more professional results. The only way to shoot better photos is through practice, so it pays to begin looking into photography as a hobby when you have the free time available to devote to it.

If you enjoy photography, spending time doing it shouldn’t feel like a chore. If it begins to be stressful, take a step back or decide if it is something you really want to continue with. Don’t get frustrated if you cannot replicate what other photographers are doing. Over time, your skills will begin to develop and your work will showcase this.

It is important to develop your own style as opposed to simply copying what others are doing. Photography is art and there are no strict rules to how you can express yourself through a camera. Experiment and don’t be afraid to try a new angle that hasn’t been seen before. While there are photography basics that you should learn to produce better images, it is your own unique style which will set your work apart from the crowd and will give you the greatest personal satisfaction.

Photography Requires Focus and Learning

Capturing photos is not as easy as pointing and shooting at a subject. While setting your camera to the Auto setting will generally give you decent results, it is learning what all your camera settings mean and do which will allow you to take full advantage of what it is capable of.

Knowing how to use the manual mode of a camera is a great place to start. Going on manual modes means you’re the one in control of all the settings. Unlike the automatic feature of a camera, this helps you learn how to capture your subject in the way you want it to look.

Play around with aperture, shutter speed, and other aspects of photography to not only capture what you see in front of you but also to create a work of art that the naked eye cannot catch. Over time you will learn what camera settings are best for various lighting situations as well as what things like metering, bracketing, and HDR photography is all about.

Photography is about Inspiration and Creativity

Most people who want to become photographers do so because they are inspired by something. Some want to remember their travels while others want to capture rare wildlife or special moments involving loved ones. You should focus on subjects that are fun for you. Shooting something that you don’t enjoy can lead you to give up on the hobby too quickly. Feel free to experiment with subjects if you are unsure of what works best for you but don’t feel pressured into photography subjects simply because they are trendy.

Photography is about capturing emotion and making something come alive. The goal is not to copy what is in front of you but rather to capture what a subject means to you. A terrifying subject can easily be transformed into a beautiful image just as something beautiful can be portrayed as quite drab.

Look to Instagram, books, and magazines for inspiration, but it is ultimately your own unique style that you should seek. Don’t let other dictate where your photography hobby takes you. Often it is the unusual that gets the most attention.


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Author: Michael Jerrard

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