How Technology Is Enabling New Ways of Writing

How Technology Is Enabling New Ways of Writing

It’s safe to say that technology has revolutionized most of our lives. From studying and work to creative outlets, technology has made everything easier, more efficient, and more accessible. You can read an article on technology in education at or research how digitalization has changed the job market.

This article looks to dive into how technology has reshaped writing. Let’s see how technology has enabled new ways of creative work and opened up new possibilities for creative expression. Here are just some of the major changes modern technology has brought to the writing world.

Digital Writing Tools

Let’s start with the biggest change for writers in terms of craft creation. Now, writers can rely on technology in numerous areas of their work. For example, writers can use various platforms for writing and storing their works. Thus, writers can create in Evernote, Google Docs, or other platforms known for their strong writing features, easy access, and availability.

Next, writers can rely on online grammar checkers to format and edit their works. Such tools allow writers to focus more on creative processes instead of devoting time to technical aspects of writing like grammar and punctuation.

In addition, many writing tools make it very easy to share and access files online. Writers can keep control over their work while sharing files for revisions or feedback. Plus, writers can easily collaborate on projects with others without having to meet up to read works and exchange ideas. New advancements in technology-driven writing tools allow multiple authors to work remotely on a document simultaneously, fostering teamwork and collaboration.


Online Writing Platforms

Aspiring or professional writers now have numerous opportunities to build loyal audiences and make money online. For example, they can create online blogs. They can also use well-known platforms like WordPress and Medium for publishing and building a global audience. Other writers can explore writing services for pay, like Reading a few reviews on the services will show the legit services and prices.

These options empower writers to gain writing experience, build exposure online, bypass traditional routes to fame as a writer, and even earn money with their craft by monetizing blogs. Additionally, writers can learn and progress by frequent publishing, reading comments, and engaging in discussions with readers and other bloggers on the platform. 



The ability to self-publish has been a major game changer in the writing industry. Before this technological break, writers had to undergo complex procedures of sending publishers their work, proving its value, scrambling for money to release a limited number of published copies, etc.

Writers can now jump to digital self-publishing as soon as they feel ready to share their works with the world. They don’t have to spend a fortune on it, either. Self-publishing doesn’t have gatekeepers who hold the right to refuse or limit how many copies can be produced.

Writers can just release their work independently via online platforms that allow digital publishing directly from the authors and continue with the procedure. Overall, this has given writers more control over their work while they also collect a greater share of the profits.

Not having to visit physical publishing houses or offices also means you can be a digital nomad and travel the world while also continuing to write and publish your work online to receive money that will fund your travels and nomadic lifestyle.


Research and Information Access

The Internet provides unlimited access to endless information that writers can instantly access. Now, to gain new information, recent data, or even ancient archives, writers need Internet access and patience in searching.

Research has become more efficient with powerful search engines, online libraries and databases, and academic journals accessible at the click of a button. Plus, people can also order research online. You can save yourself time surfing the internet by familiarizing yourself with how everything works at This wealth of information allows writers to research topics more deeply, resulting in more informed and accurate writing. 


Multimedia Integration

Technology enables the integration of various media formats into written work. In the past, texts could be integrated with pictures or illustrations. However, these days, you can add various media forms to make an article more informative, engaging, and memorable.

Writers can now incorporate videos, links, GIFs, and other interactive elements beyond images into their writing. Such media aims to enhance the reader’s experience and creates more captivating and interesting content. Overall, the additions of different media types have created completely new forms of content and material delivery, aiming at more immersive and rich posts.


Mobile Devices

We don’t go anywhere without our smartphones these days. Whether it’s a good habit or not is up for debate. But this habit is surely convenient, especially for writers who suddenly have an epiphany. Our mobile devices make writing more accessible. We can write down random thoughts and ideas on the go at any moment.

In fact, we can simply record those thoughts, and our devices transform audio files into texts without our interference. Mobile devices have made writing more portable, flexible, and accessible wherever we are. 


Bottom Line

Technology has completely transformed the writing landscape, making it a rather fair game for everyone. Now, all aspiring writers can publish their texts, build audiences, and even sell books online without any third-party interference.

Writers can also enjoy numerous resources and tools designed for productive and efficient writing sessions. These advancements have drastically improved the writing process, allowing anyone with the internet and access to technology to become a writer and share their stories with the world.


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Author: Michael Jerrard

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