How to Find a Partner that Loves Nature and the Great Outdoors

How to Find a Partner that Loves Nature and the Great Outdoors

The only thing better than enjoying the great outdoors is being able to share your experiences with a partner that feels the same appreciation for nature that you do. So how do you attract or find such a partner? Although narrowing your dating pool to incorporate only those that share your love for nature and outdoor recreation may seem limiting or difficult, there are many things you can do.

Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, or mountain climbing, finding a partner that shares your passion for outdoor recreation is the first step in developing a lasting relationship that will only enhance your love for nature.  Here are some of the top ways you can start attracting outdoor loving people so you won’t have to sacrifice your interests in order to find a partner.

Get Outdoors

This is of course the most obvious way to find an outdoor loving person, but running into someone alone in the woods or floating down a river in a kayak is easier said than done. Increase your odds by attending organized events such as marathons, a whitewater kayaking skills course, biking tour, or hiking club.

You will find that many singles attend such events because they don’t already have a partner to enjoy these things with. You are certain to meet people that share your love for the outdoors and even if nothing develops into a romantic relationship, you may make a lot of long lasting friendships. You may even find that your new friends may be able to introduce you to potential partners that may be perfect for you.

Be Yourself

The best way to attract someone that shares your passion for nature and the outdoors is to be yourself. This means posting pictures that showcase what your passions are and not trying to falsely portray an image you believe others are more attracted to.

Avoid doing things you wouldn’t normally do or trying to pick up dating partners in places you normally don’t go to. If you normally avoid bars, don’t look to them for potential partners. Instead, shop your local sporting goods store, take a walk in your local park, visit a spiritual retreat Queensland, or browse the outdoor/nature section of your local bookstore.  Although you may not meet as many people this way as you would in a place like a bar, you will meet the right people and that is the key. When it comes to finding a partner that is right for you, it is better to prioritize quality over quantity.

Online Dating

Sometimes the best way to meet someone that shares your values and interests is to head online. For starters, you are certain to find people that are both single and searching for a partner by joining a dating website USA or wherever you may reside. You can easily search for available people in your local area and narrow your results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Online dating can help you avoid wasting time dating people you don’t really know, since you are already gifted with a profile of what a person is like along with the ability to chat or message them before actually devoting the time to arrange a date. By not wasting your time  picking up random people, you can focus on getting back to enjoying the things that give you joy.

Volunteer Programs

Joining a volunteer program is great way to not only meet potential partners but also to make a difference. You can seek out conservation based programs where you will devote your time to causes like wildlife sanctuaries, sea turtle rescue, beach cleanups, habitat restoration, etc. You will meet people that share your concerns for protecting the environment and will feel good about being able to give back.

Even if you don’t succeed in finding a partner, you will have spent your time doing something that you love and it may be a springboard to provide you with more outdoor/nature activities and possibly even a career in such a field.

Get Fit

We are not saying you have to get slim and fit to find a partner, but you may just find the person you’re looking for by joining a gym or attending a yoga class. You will often find that people that love outdoor recreation like to take care of their own body and it often takes a lot of strength and energy to be able to enjoy many activities like rock climbing, skiing, and trekking.

By joining a gym or yoga class, you will find people that are more apt to be outdoorsy people or at least much more open to partaking in such activities. When it comes to healthy eating and exercise habits, sharing similar views with your partner is important for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. We often adopt traits from our partner, so having a partner that is a couch potato could cause us to become less active in return. 

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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  1. Very good point on this post,
    Nothing like sharing with your partner you passions and hobbies.
    I´m a very lucky person my wife loves outdoor sports like mountain biking, kayaking, hiking …..
    I hope everyone finds a partner to accompany them on their adventures ..

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  3. Beautiful Write. Wonderful article, I appreciate your thoughts.
    Now I will definitely go on an adventures trip. I have Always ready to make new friends. Very well written. Your observation is right on the mark. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  4. You talking about outdoors and showing these pictures make me want to just go out to the outdoors. Outdoors are refreshing!

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  5. An effective way to get someone as a tour partner. I am also a travel lover. Sometimes, turn around leaving works for having mental freshness but don’t get anyone. These tips will help me to find a tour partner.
    Thank you very much for the writer for awesome writing. I will follow the techniques for the next running.

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