The Best Angling Games to Play When the Fish Aren’t Biting

The Best Angling Games to Play When the Fish Aren’t Biting

One of the most appealing aspects of fishing is to be able to immerse yourself in nature and escape things like modern technology. That being said, there are times when Mother Nature doesn’t play nice and makes fishing not an option, or you may find yourself stuck indoors with an illness or injury that prevents you from launching your fishing boat or kayak out on the water.

Thankfully, most people these days have a smartphone and that means even if you can’t get outdoors, you can still express your love for angling by doing so virtually. Fishing enthusiasts around the world will find there are a large number of fishing-themed games that will enable you to still land a big one no matter the time of day or your circumstances.

We’ve reeled-in some of our favorite fishing games we suggest you download to ensure you will always be able to feel like a fisherman no matter where you are.

3DCARP: Reel-In a Variety of Fish

While this fishing simulator may focus on reeling in carp species, don’t let the game name fool you since you can also catch dozens of other species including catfish, tarpon, bass, and perch. You can fish more than a dozen different lakes and a number of rivers.

The graphics in 3DCARP are superb, while the gameplay makes it a pleasure to fish virtually. You have the option of fishing from banks of rivers and lakes or by boat. Fishing options in all four seasons are also possible.

There are many types of baits to choose from, and when successful with these baits, you can take virtual photos of your catches and compete for trophies. While 3DCARP isn’t a free-to-play game, it costs only a small fee and is easy to install.

Fishing Break: A Casual Offering

While more detailed fishing games tend to hog all the limelight and bring in the best reviews, sometimes the simpler the game the better. Fishing Break is a simple but fun fishing game to play that is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Apps.

Fishing Break offers an fun animation-style fishing game that takes you to various locations around the world such as jungles, mountains, and waterfalls to seek out rare fish. This multiplayer game allows you to compete against other virtual anglers to see who can catch the most fish.

As we, said, this game is very simple to learn but becomes very addictive to play. Fish for hundreds of different species including sharks and special fictitious fish that make the game even more amusing. Your stats will be saved and you can aim to gain achievements and find yourself atop the leaderboards.

Big Bass Bonanza – Keeping it Reel: An All-Round Great Game

Making money from fishing isn’t easy as an amateur angler, but with Big Bass Bonanza – Keeping it Reel you can actually profit. Both casino lovers and fishing aficionados will certainly take to this one because Big Bass Bonanza – Keeping it Reel combines slot machines with fishing to create a fun offering where you can win real cash.

You’ll be spinning your way to glory much like spinning a reel, with a 5×3 slot featuring 10 paylines. Enjoy a 96% return, high dispersion, and potential to win 10,000x. That is better odds than real fishing. If you aren’t eager to bet real money at first, you can start with a demo mode that will allow you to experience the game without wagering real cash.


Fishing Hook: Impressively Realistic Game

A game where you’re tasked with catching a variety of the biggest and best fish, Fishing Hook is an impressive release with an ultra-realistic element to it.

Most virtual fishing game apps don’t exactly replicate what fishing is like in the real world but Fishing Hook at least makes a strong effort to create a realistic 3D angling world right on your phone. A free-to-play product, gamers are on a virtual boat with plenty of fish to catch. The more you catch, the more successful you’ll be.

The game is easy for beginners and although you are given low quality fishing gear that includes a rod, reel, line, hooks, and lure, these can be upgraded by collecting and spending coins. Upgrading your gear allows you to become more successful with your fishing.

After catching fish, you can store them in a tank, sell them immediately, or simply release them. A multiplayer mode allows you to compete against others from around the world and you’ll be fishing in realistic exotic locations like Dubai.


Master Bass Angler: A Solid Arcade Title

The second bass-themed game on the list, we couldn’t really leave Master Bass Angler out. This US-based product contains impressive graphics and allows you to seek out various bass species across America as you fish famous lakes like Lake Okeechobee in Florida or New York’s Lake Erie. You can then venture onto to great fishing lakes in Texas, Alabama, and Kentucky.

While the other fishing games on our list are geared towards fishing simulators, this one is an arcade style game that packs a punch with a lot of action. Enter daily bass tournaments, go head-to-head against other bass anglers, and work to upgrade your fishing gear to catch bigger bass.

Work to obtain fish attractant to improve your success and work on your tackle box to allow you a selection of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and spoons.


These are just a few fishing-themed games to get you started with reeling in big catches in the virtual world when you can’t do it in real life. Once you’ve mastered these, there are many other fishing style game apps to try such as Monster Fishing, My Fishing World, and Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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