A Healthy, Socially Distanced Vacation is Still Possible

A Healthy, Socially Distanced Vacation is Still Possible

Vacations are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing, but planning a getaway in a world with COVID-19 can seem like a daunting task.  Many of us are desperately craving time away from our life under lockdown in our own homes, but you may be wary about staying in new surroundings out of fear they may not be as safe from the virus as your own home may be.

The fact is that it is still possible to go on a vacation and remain protected from coronavirus thanks to places like the Finger Lakes, with its amazing waterfalls, or Pennsylvania’s The Lodge at Woodloch. Nestled in the Poconos, The Lodge at Woodloch is on the cutting edge when it comes to planning a vacation in the time of COVID-19. Situated just a short drive from both New York and New Jersey, they have created a relaxing and safe getaway for those wanting to escape the stress and congestion of the city.

Spending more time in the open air can do wonders for both your mental and physical health, and there’s never been a better time to take a break from your job or at least inquire if you may be able to work remotely in a place like the Poconos. Likewise, if you’re a student needing more time to focus on yourself, you can seek assistance from Ezassignmenthelp.com to help you with any assignments that are stressing you out so you can prioritize your personal wellness.

Safety While Flying

Mask mandates may have come to an end on most domestic and international flights, as most major airlines have dropped mask requirements for both passengers and crew. That being said, it is still recommended by health professionals to wear protective masks while not only flying but also anytime you are in a public space such as using public transportation where social distancing is more difficult.

While you may have been vaccinated against Covid, there is always the risk on planes of catching other viruses and illnesses. Airlines have thankfully adopted a far more thorough cleaning routine of their planes since the pandemic, but there are ways you can further help yourself stay safe.

Always try to book flights that are likely to not be full. You can do this by choosing to fly at less desirable times. This will also allow you a better chance of having the seat beside you vacant, especially if you select your seat online in a location where there are many seats available, which tend to be towards the back of the plane.

You can also do things like sanitize in and around your seat, making sure to disinfect things like your tray table, in-flight entertainment screen, seat belt, and arm rests. Be sure to eat healthy and stay hydrated during the flight to keep your immune system in top shape and always wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating on the plane.

During the pandemic, we even saw some passengers flying with respirators and gas masks. You may be surprised to learn that you can indeed usually bring a gas mask onboard a plane in your carry-on within the US according to TSA rules as well as many other countries, so long as it does not contain any parts deemed to be a potential hazard to the plane or others onboard.

Not only can gas masks help protect you from airborne viruses, they can also help you from inhaling toxic contaminants that may be in the air. Traveling with one could come in handy if you are planning to travel to a destination that is experiencing civil unrest where you may run into unexpected riots that involve tear gas.

A terrorist attack involving chemical or biological weapons may also be possible, or a place that just experienced a natural disaster may have contaminates in the air that could pose a problem.  It is for this reason that many journalists and members of the press travel with a gas mask.

It’s important to note that there are a number of gas mask options available to travelers and it’s vital that your mask fit you properly and you know how to properly use and maintain it. You don’t need to carry your mask with you at all times while traveling, just when you are aware of heightened local alerts where they may be useful or when you personally feel there may be a greater chance  of such threats.

A New Age of Precaution and What Hotels are Doing

The staff at The Lodge At Woodloch are taking many steps to guard against the introduction and spread of COVID-19 at their all-inclusive destination spa resort. They acknowledge that first and foremost, the health and safety of their guests is their top priority.

The lodge is following all protocols as outlined by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as any recommendations put forth by local, state, and national government organizations.

As a member of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, the Lodge At Woodloch is also part of the Pocono Promise, a group of area businesses that have banded together to ensure they are all doing their utmost to guard against a COVID-19 outbreak. The guidelines of the Pocono Promise are posted at the entrance to the lodge and are displayed prominently on the resort’s website, social media accounts, and other channels used to communicate with the public. 

Safe sanitation and cleaning practices are routinely performed and monitored by having a designated knowledgeable team member on every shift. Any high-touch areas, such as buttons on elevators, phones, door hardware, etc., are cleaned to coincide with the frequency in which they are touched. Restrooms undergo extensive cleaning throughout the day and things like public drinking fountains have been closed off from use.

Employees are being screened and tested before each shift and social distancing practices are adhered to by following occupancy guidelines set by the state and local governments. Facility capacity has been evaluated and is limited to maintain the best possible social distance between patrons. Seating, furniture, and fixtures as well as queues both indoors and outdoors are arranged to ensure proper social distancing. Visual cues and physical barriers are utilized to show proper distancing.

Universal mask use and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are used by staff as required by state and federal health guidance. Guests are also being asked to monitor their own well-being and to fill out a health-related questionnaire prior to arrival for check in. Each guest will have their temperature taken upon arrival to The Lodge at Woodloch. Masks are required in all public indoor locations and any outdoor location where social distancing cannot be maintained

The spa resort’s many classes and activities on offer require advance sign-up to ensure proper social distancing and planning. When it comes to the spa, technicians providing treatments are made to wear face shields and they have installed Plexiglas in-between pedicure and manicure stations.

Hand sanitizing stations can be found in the property’s common areas which are thoroughly deep-cleaned at regular intervals.

Guest Rooms

The Lodge At Woodloch offers up 58 rooms including Veranda Classic Standard rooms, Junior Deluxe rooms, and a 1,000-square-foot One-Bedroom Suite. Rooms feature marble walk-in showers and private verandahs that overlook beautifully manicured outdoor areas like the gardens and lake.

While there are plenty of activities on offer at The Lodge, the rooms are so comfortable that many guests choose to spend a great deal of time simply relaxing in the comfort of their own room. If staying in your room is indeed the plan, one entertainment option is online sports betting which is offered in Pennsylvania. Signing up at a betting site, opening an account, and depositing funds can all be done online or via a mobile device. Wireless internet is provided in all room types. Many of Pennsylvania’s online sports bet sites offer a risk-free first bet to new players, so in that sense you’re really not even gambling in the beginning.

So if the weather outside isn’t cooperating why not simply put a local Philadelphia Phillies or Eagles game on the room’s flat screen television while you relax in your provided plush robe and slippers. Having a small wager on a game of course always makes things a bit more exciting.

When it comes to COVID safety in the guest rooms, you’ll be glad to know The Lodge uses EPA-approved disinfectant to deep clean all high touch areas like door and cabinet handles, light switches, and remotes. Unnecessary items like throw pillows have also been removed to reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

Dining at the Resort

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at the resort’s TREE Restaurant and Bar, all of which are included with overnight stays. A constantly changing gourmet menu is crafted from organic produce, much of which is sourced from the resort’s own gardens. Eating in the restaurant is an exceptionally beautiful experience with their floor to ceiling windows that invite the nature indoors, however, you are open to ordering meals to be enjoyed back in the privacy of your own room if you feel more comfortable doing so.

The restaurant can also arrange picnic lunches during the summer months and there are plenty of secluded picnic areas around the grounds to enjoy your lunch with a bit of privacy. Items that may be on the menu for lunch include dishes like pan-seared rainbow trout or sweet Thai chili shrimp satay. For dinner, you may get to enjoy dishes like panko crusted Jamison Farm lamb rack, Maine lobster pasta, or Taiwanese glazed Chilean sea bass

You may also want to look into joining one of the resort’s cooking demonstrations or wine tasting/pairing sessions. Note that The lodge restaurant is at 50 percent capacity to enable safe social distancing. 

Resort Activities and Spa

The Lodge at Woodloch Spa offers plenty of ways to relax and pamper yourself. You may wish to enjoy a deep tissue massage or get a hydrafacial treatment. They offer specialized prenatal treatments for pregnant women as well as men’s well-being massages. Other available spa activities include healing light therapy, reflexology, and float therapy.

A great deal of the resort’s most popular activities revolve around outdoor recreation, something many of us are craving at a time like this. There are plenty of mountain biking and hiking trails to explore, the hiking trails providing walks roughly 2-3 hours in length that will take you through old logging trails, orchards, farms, and wetlands. Staying at The Lodge, you’ll also be granted access to their sister property Woodloch Pines located just a short distance away which offers up thrilling zip lines and a climbing wall.

Check out the resort’s Little Teedyuskung Lake to try a bit of catch and release fishing, maybe learning the art of Japanese fly fishing known as tenkara. Alternatively, guests can enjoy the lake by getting in kayaks or tackling some stand up paddleboarding.

When it comes to sports, complimentary use of tennis courts are also available at the sister property Woodloch Pines and a round of golf can be booked at Woodloch’s 18-hole championship golf course, which is a par 72 course at roughly 6,600 yards in length.

If you want to focus more on your mind, body, and spirit, the resort offers activities like yoga, pilates, sound therapy, tai chi, and several forms of meditation classes. Also on offer are aquatic activities such as aqua toning, water pole dancing, and hydro trampoline classes.

You may even discover artistic talent you didn’t know you had, as the resort offers a wide range of fun and inventive art classes that make use of many different types of mediums.

We hope we’ve helped to assure you that it is still possible to enjoy a relaxing vacation during this stressful pandemic, thanks to great properties like The Lodge At Woodloch which are doing everything in their power to make sure you stay safe during your getaway while also enjoying an exciting and relaxing experience at the same time.

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