How to Travel the World without Winning the Lottery

How to Travel the World without Winning the Lottery

While technology may have made our world a lot smaller, it still remains a pretty big place when it comes to traveling around the globe. You could travel to a different country every year of your life and that would still only cover roughly half of what’s out there, not to mention the fact that to truly appreciate some individual nations you could easily dedicate an entire lifetime attempting to achieve.

Many people believe that if you want to travel the world, you have to be one of the lucky elite that has a very lucrative career, inherited wealth, or managed to somehow score a large lottery win. Obviously, money can make traveling easier from a financial aspect, but not being super rich doesn’t necessarily have to prevent you from still seeing the world.

There are many ways you can travel the globe without having to constantly check the US lottery results at or praying one day a long lost relative will leave you a fortune. Read on to discover some tips on how you too can be packing your bags and traveling around the world despite how out of reach it may seem.

Freelance While Traveling the World

Technology has evolved to the point where many of us can simply work while traveling as long as we have an internet connection and a device that allows us to connect to the rest of the world.

Whether you’re a writer, influencer, programmer, or have any other type of career that involves a computer and doesn’t necessarily require you to make a daily appearance in an office, you can now make your living online.

Many people are even getting paid to travel by being a travel writer. This means that you can quite literally do your job from anywhere in the world because that is the point of the job. You could pack your bags and go traveling across Asia, Africa, or any other continent while completing your jobs as you go and actually take pride in what you’re doing along the way.

Simply pick up gigs and projects, or create working relationships with clients on freelancing sites such as UpWork and you are good to go.

CouchSurf around the World

In times gone past, this might have been a bit of a risky way to travel the world. However, today it’s considered both a safe and rather enjoyable way to see what this world has to offer without breaking the bank. All it involves is heading online to check out one of the many couchsurfing websites or social media groups to connect with locals from the destinations you wish to visit.

Not only can you borrow a bed, couch, or floor for a night or two, you many times come away with a free travel guide and possible lifelong friend or friends. Obviously, try to never overstay your welcome as there is a fine line between couchsurfing and freeloading.

As previously stated, there are countless websites dedicated to couchsurfing. You can quickly sign up, enter where you plan to travel to, and find people who are eager to offer up some space for a specified period of time. It’s not only a great way to travel the world on a budget but also a great way to travel solo without the fear of feeling lonely.

travel couchsurfing

Become an English Teacher

Now, while this might sound like you will have to rethink your entire career path and go back to university to obtain proper qualifications, it really doesn’t have to be all that involved. Much like our previous freelancing suggestion, you can simply pick up English language teaching jobs online without needing a qualification other than having a good command of what you are hopefully already fluent in yourself.

If you are a native English speaker, you will have no trouble finding gigs that let you teach English to people in many non-English speaking countries around the world.

Obviously, certain qualifications do help but this does not mean you must get a degree. You can for example take online TEFL courses to show that you know the language and how to teach people.

travel teach english

Take Up House Sitting

This option can sometimes sound too good to be true, but you would be amazed at how many people make their way around the world just by looking after other people’s properties and in some cases they can be some truly exceptional homes in epic destinations. You can score free accommodation and maybe even get paid for looking after homes while owners are away.

You may know how it feels to leave your home unattended when you need to go away for a long period, so you will understand why some people are prepared to let others stay in their home and even pay money to ensure their property is safe and well looked after. And many times it is the wealthier individuals with nicer properties who are seeking such service and have the means for it.

So whether you want to visit the top spots in California, check out big game in South Africa, or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, check out the various websites that are set up to connect house sitters with clients and this could lead you to traveling to countless countries for just the price of airfare.

travel the world house siting

The Fly Away

As you can see, while winning the lottery can be a sure fire way to enjoy a jet-setting lifestyle, it by no means is the only way you can experience the world for yourself. Obviously, money definitely helps but there are plenty of other ways you can see the world without having to rely on luck or privilege

You can work as you travel thanks to sites like UpWork, make your way around the globe by sleeping on strangers’ couches, teach English, or give house sitting a go.  

And these are just a very small sampling of ways you can see the world without having a six-figure salary or enormous savings. There are plenty of other alternative ways you can start joining the millions of others traveling the world right now, all you need to do is find which ways work best for you.   

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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