How a Simple App Can Help You Maximize Credit Card Reward Points for Free Travel

How a Simple App Can Help You Maximize Credit Card Reward Points for Free Travel

You’ve likely heard of travel hacking by now, but do you actually understand what it is? While you may think of hacking as a nefarious or illegal activity such as when hackers try to gain unauthorized access to a company’s or government’s online data system, travel hacking is a 100% legal way that savvy travelers worldwide are gaining free flights, hotel stays, and more.

I learned a long time ago the many benefits of travel hacking and have scored countless free flights and hotel stays simply for signing-up for various credit cards and using them to make my normal everyday purchases. While it took me a lot of time to research which credit cards were best for earning free travel and ways to maximize my point earnings, there is now a simple app that can do all this for you. This makes it easy for anyone to start earning free travel and become a travel hacking pro nearly overnight.

The key to becoming a successful travel hacker is finding the most lucrative ways to earn and redeem your credit card points in order to maximize your freebies. It’s knowing which credit card to use for which purchases and when to use it.

Many credit cards offer very generous sign-up bonuses that are worth at least one free flight or several hotel nights. Yes, you may have to spend a set amount during a certain period, but if you simply use this new card for everyday purchases you planned to make anyway, why not score some free travel without having to do anything special.

Not only can credit cards reward you with free flights and hotels, they can also gift you with things like free checked baggage, a fast track to a higher elite status, or priority boarding and hotel check-in.

There’s a whole world of free travel out there, so why not seize it, especially when it can be achieved with a simple app that does all the hard work for you. There’s no denying that travel hacking was once complicated and took concerted effort to master, but that challenge is now a thing of the past.

The challenge has been simplified by an app that automatically tracks all the various credit cards and their offers in order to recommend the best credit card you should use for every purchase, without the need to increase your normal spending. And this is just the start of how the app can help you start earning free travel more frequently.

Check Out Card Curator – The App That Will Turn You into a Travel Hacking Genius

Excited by the idea of using credit card rewards to pay for future travel and wondering how to get started? As I stated before, you could do as I did and put in a lot of time and effort into becoming an expert travel hacker the hard way. A much easier alternative would be to simply check out Card Curator, a new app that makes earning thousands of dollars worth of credit card rewards easy.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Download the App & Set Up Your Profile

You can download Card Curator from the Apple or Google Play stores. It’s quick and easy and free to download and get started. It only takes a few minutes, and there’s a tutorial to help if you need it.


Step 2: Set Goals

Card Curator has a My Goals feature where you can set custom goals for your credit card rewards.

You can choose to set a specific travel goal, complete with flight and hotel details.  If that’s not your style, you can choose to maximize cash back and/or points to use on gear, gas, food, a camper van, or whatever else you choose.


Step 3: Get Custom Card Recommendations

This is where the good stuff starts to happen.  Once you’ve entered your goals, Card Curator will give you a personalized list of recommended credit cards.

Every set of recommendations is unique and based on your goals and the best available credit card offers. Simply follow the recommendations to start earning rewards as quickly as possible.

Once you start adding cards to your wallet, you’ll get helpful push notifications to help you manage your cards and keep earning maximum rewards.


Step 4: Earn Rewards With Every Dollar You Spend

Remember those category bonus rewards I mentioned?

Card Curator boosts your rewards with automatic recommendations about the best card to use for every purchase so you earn as many points as possible when you buy groceries, shop online, eat out, book travel, upgrade your gear, or spend money on anything else.


Step 5: Automatically Track Your Progress

Card Curator also keeps track of your rewards for you.  You can see  how much you’ve earned and your progress towards your goals in the app.


Step 6: Get Advice on How to Swap Your Points for Cash, Flights & Hotel Stays

When you’re ready to redeem your points, the app helps you figure out the best way to use your points to book flights and hotels, use them to shop for new gear, or trade them for cash or gift cards.


Step 7: Time to Explore

Pack up and go enjoy your adventure — or your new gear.  When you get back, just enter a new goal and do it all again.

Join the Card Curator Community Now for the Best Benefits

Full disclosure: Card Curator is a brand new app and it’s still in the “beta” phase. All the major features are there, including setting goals and getting personalized card recommendations, but the team is still making some tweaks and fixing a few bugs. They’re looking for active users to give input on the app and help build the Card Curator community.

The first 1,000 active users get free access to the premium features for life, meaning this is a great opportunity for you to get free advice on the best way to earn rewards to help fund all your future adventures. As a bonus, you get to help build something awesome.

If you’re interested, you can visit to learn more or head straight to the Apple or Google Play store to download the app.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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