Reasons to Move to Los Angeles

Reasons to Move to Los Angeles 

There are many reasons to move to Los Angles besides simply trying to make it big in the Hollywood entertainment industry. While L.A.’s appeal for many is its glitz and glam, America’s second most populous city is also a culturally diverse metropolis that can satisfy nearly anyone’s interests.

There are countless reasons why roughly four million people choose to live within L.A.’s city limits (close to 13 million if you include the metro area). Yes, there may be traffic and your occasional shake from an earthquake, but L.A. is also blessed with what may be the best weather in the U.S. and a never-ending list of attractions and activities you can enjoy all year round.

Trying to experience all Los Angeles has to offer on a single trip would be impossible, but choosing to live in L.A. will allow you to take advantage of everything the City of Angels can throw at you. Let’s dive deeper into just a few of the top reasons you should make the move to Los Angles.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Los Angeles

Before we get into the many reasons to move to Los Angeles, we should cover a few things you might want to consider when planning to relocate to California. Aspiring actors and directors are consistently lured into making the move to the West Coast since Los Angles has long been the beating heart of the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry. However, there are now so many careers available in the city, especially in the tech industry, that the city is enticing to people from all walks of life. A good sense of networking will go a long way to landing a job in L.A. Los Angeles is also home to many prominent universities which attract students from all around the country and world.

Researching moving companies Los Angeles will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to relocate and possibly store your belongings until you can get settled in a new home or apartment. When it comes to purchasing a home in L.A., it’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage in order to improve your chances of success in closing a deal. You may need to secure a job first if you plan on renting an apartment, otherwise you may be forced to get a co-signer for the lease or at least be able to pay several months of rent upfront.

Choose your neighborhood carefully, as L.A. neighborhoods can vary greatly. You will also want to consider commute time to work or school and the places or activities you wish to enjoy most often. Having a personal car for transport is almost a necessity if you wish to easily explore all the city has to offer.

Top Reasons to Move to Los Angeles

L.A. Offers Some of the Best Weather in the U.S.

One of the biggest factors that drive people to wanting to relocate to Los Angles is of course the almost perfect weather. L.A. offers up a year-round dry Mediterranean climate that’s rarely too hot or too cold. Consider most days to be perfect Goldilocks weather.

L.A.’s year-round comfortable weather means you’re never forced to hibernate inside and this leads to a higher level of happiness for many. You’ll definitely never be lacking Vitamin D since the sun seems to be ever-present. The dry subtropical weather allows it to always be lush and green with lovely palm trees nearly everywhere.

You can enjoy warm days and cool nights most days, however, Santa Ana winds can pick up during late summer which will bring warm air from the mountains towards the coast to provide balmy beach nights. Marine layer fog can also make an appearance during the summer months starting in June, but this usually burns off by noon and the beaches will then warm up nicely. If you are ever too hot or cold, know that the Los Angeles region has several different microclimates where temperatures of coastal communities and inland areas can vary by as much as 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chance to Rub Shoulders with Celebrities

One perk of living in L.A. is the chance to live alongside your favorite celebs. There are plenty of hotspots where tourists flock to in the hopes of catching a glimpse of A-list Hollywood actors, but your chances of running into celebrities greatly increases simply while doing your errands such as grocery shopping when you actually live in L.A. full time. This is especially true if you happen to live in or near popular neighborhoods inhabited by celebs.  

You can always walk in the footsteps, and handprints, of stars by checking out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and you can regularly catch glimpses of stars at the TCL Chinese Theatre during movie premier events. Stars also like to eat out like the rest of us, meaning you can regularly sit beside celebs for lunch or dinner and get a look into their secret diets and possible eavesdrop on their latest gossip. Top restaurants to start your search for stars include L.A.’s oldest restaurant Musso & Frank Grill as well as Beauty & Essex and Little Dom’s.

Many stars like to work off their meals by hiking or running the trails of Runyon Canyon. You can also catch them on L.A.’s famous beaches, where even the common locals such as the bodybuilders and street performers of Venice Beach are entertaining to watch.

You then of course are guaranteed to see celebrities by getting free tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live, or simply by waiting outside the studio where stars often wave to fans as they enter and leave a taping of the show. You could also join a TMZ bus tour or a 2-hour Warner Bros. Studio tour through the backlot streets and soundstages to hopefully spot celebs.

L.A.’s Food Scene

L.A.’s multiculturalism definitely spills over into its food scene. Authentic dishes from all around the world can be enjoyed in the tens of thousands of restaurants and food stalls that call L.A. home. The city’s eateries are ever-evolving and include everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to simple food trucks.

Chefs from Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia all compete for the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds. You can easily find top notch sushi, ramen, tacos, French dip sandwiches, and some of the country’s best doughnuts for dessert. Some chefs make a name for themselves running small operations while others work with the city’s top hotels to bring you luxurious dining experiences.

It only makes sense that L.A. would offer such an abundance and variety of restaurants in order to cater to its large and diverse population. You’ll find each neighborhood offers up its own specialties so definitely don’t think all parts of L.A. are equal when it comes to the food on offer. One of our favorites is Broken Shaker at Freehand, which has been named one of the best rooftop bars in the world.

L.A. Events and Entertainment

There’s always something happening in L.A. so there’s no excuse for ever being bored. Big events are held every month of the year and are as varied as the city’s many cultures. L.A. of course hosts most of the major entertainment award shows including the Academy Awards, Grammys, Golden Globes, and Emmys.

L.A. showcases its melting pot cultural with events like the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration, Japanese Nisei Week in the Little Tokyo district, and the Chinese Golden Dragon Parade along Chinatown’s North Broadway for the Chinese New Year. The Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Celebration attracts more than 80,000 participants each year.

When it comes to holidays, L.A. hosts the Hollywood Christmas Parade, incredible Fourth of July firework displays, and the world’s largest Halloween street party in West Hollywood. You then have auto shows, Japanese anime expos, America’s largest book festival, and the iconic 26-mile-long L.A. Marathon which attracts tens of thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators.

When it comes to music, you can catch big name acts in stadiums and theatres as well as rising stars in small intimate pubs. Major concert venues include The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Hollywood Palladium, The Forum, and The Hollywood Bowl outdoor amphitheater. You also have plenty of major sports on offer throughout the entire year since L.A. has major league teams in every major sport. Nothing beats catching a Lakers or Clippers game, where you will most likely be sharing the stadium with a few movie and music stars in addition to the famous athletes. 

Outdoor Recreation in L.A.

If you love being outdoors, than you’ll most likely be taking advantage of L.A.’s year-round great weather and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Living in L.A. makes it easy to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. You’ve got great surfing, hiking, rock climbing, and cycling opportunities in and around the entire L.A. region, and fabulous staycation options nearby like San Diego.

Hike up to the Hollywood sign or check out places like Runyon Canyon, Will Rogers State Park, Franklin Canyon, Griffith Park, or the summit of Mount Baldy which is L.A.’s highest peak. You can try some rollerblading at Venice Beach, catch a wave at Manhattan Beach, and take boat trips to the Channel Islands for a bit more seclusion in unspoiled nature. There’s also great fishing to be had off the famous piers.

Yoga studios and gyms seem to be around every corner and there are plenty of organic juice bars and organic restaurants to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Finish off a day of outdoor activity by relaxing beside a bonfire at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey.

Theme Parks in the L.A. Area

You’ll also be able to visit the many theme parks and water parks in the L.A. area whenever you want to when you live there. You’ve got major theme parks like Universal Studios Hollywood Disneyland Los Angeles, and Disney’s California Adventure Park. You then have places like Santa Monica Beach’s Pacific Park, Wild Rivers Waterpark in Irvine, and Valencia’s Hurricane Harbour. To the south in and around San Diego, you then can add Legoland California, Sea World San Diego, San Diego Zoo, and Belmont Park.

We hope our list of reasons to move to Los Angeles has encouraged you to at least consider relocating to this energetic and beautiful city. Regardless of your age, race, or interests, L.A. offers something for everyone.  

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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