Outdoor Adventures in Mexico

Outdoor Adventures in Mexico

Mexico may be famous for its beaches and partying, but there is much more to this wonderful country. It’s a destination where travelers can combine many exciting outdoor adventures with stunning accommodation options. Throughout the country one can find their dream luxury Mexico vacation whether it is in the Yucatan peninsula, Veracruz, or Oaxaca. Let us explore just some of the excitement that awaits you on your next Mexican adventure.

Scuba Diving at Isla Mujeres

Interestingly Mexico has one of the largest reefs on the planet as well as a not to be missed underwater museum. MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was “formed” in 2009 in the waters around Isla Mujeres, consisting of over 500 permanent sculptures. It is an incredible diving experience swimming among the sculptures which have also become home to an abundance of marine life that is attracted to the coral that grows upon the statues. Although it’s possible to see these figures from a glass bottom boat, scuba diving offers the visitor the ultimate experience.

Swim With Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are fascinating creatures which find their way onto many a traveler’s bucket list. Once again Isla Mujeres delivers as an ideal place to get acquainted with largest of all fish species. You don’t need any specific diving skills or qualifications, just some snorkeling gear will allow you to witness one of earth’s incredible giants which float through the water peacefully showing no hint of aggression. They can reach extreme lengths, with the largest confirmed whale shark being 12.65 meters long. This is an opportunity that very few places in the world can offer so if you find yourself in this part of Mexico you definitely need to swim with these amazing creatures.


Explore Cenotes

There is nothing quite like entering a small hole into the depths of the earth by climbing down a ladder or rope, and if you are looking for some adventure on the Yucatan peninsula cenotes are definitely it. Cenotes are sinkholes that have formed by the erosion and collapse of limestone rock that has been exposed to water. These wear away from the inside leaving only the harder rocks around them and forming intricate water filled caves. Limestone formations and stunning deep blue water greet divers and snorkelers looking for real outdoor adventure.

Catch the Rapids in Veracruz

Located to the east of Mexico City on the Gulf of Mexico lies Veracruz which offers up incredible white water rafting. The drops and turns through the canyons makes for a challenging but equally as thrilling day. Veracruz is also a great place to explore on its own, home to San Juan de Ulua, the 16th century Spanish fortress transformed into a modern day history museum.

One of the great things about this vacation destination is that travelers can choose a whitewater excursion based on their skill level. Be prepared for some adrenaline-pumping fun as you tackle Class II-IV rapids among the region’s most beautiful and jaw-dropping rivers, including the Rio Pescados, the Rio Actopan and the Rio Antigua. Try and plan your visit during peak rafting season, August to November, when the waters are running high.


Mountain Biking in Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is the home to the Tarahumara Indians and is actually one of the largest and deepest canyon systems on the planet. For this reason Copper Canyon is one of the most amazing places to mountain bike, with literally hundreds of trails and many technical obstacles to deal with. It is a mountain bikers dream come true with its single tracks, slick rocks, desert paths, and mining tracks just to name a few.

This spectacular natural wonder in the state of Chihuahua is especially suited to extreme two-wheeled adventure, thanks to its miles of twisted single track that wends through deep forests, desert landscapes and Tarahumara Indian villages. Several tour companies feature mountain biking adventures to the Copper Canyon, where you can test your mettle on a heart-pumping 7,000-foot drop as you descend from Creel to Batopila. Copper Canyon is definitely the place to enjoy some new challenges in an incredible setting.



Surfing in Sayulita and Puerto Escondido

Mexico has long been a destination for surfers and its great beaches are undoubtedly the reason why. Sayulita is an ideal place for the beginner surfer and those that like to longboard. If you are a more experienced surfer however and are looking for a challenge, then you should definitely head to Puerto Escondido. This is the place to chase the huge barrels as well as the perfect wave. Here you will find a number of experienced surfers showing off their hard earned skills.


Rock Climbing at El Potrero Chico

This limestone outcrop is located near the city of Monterrey which is quite close the US border and is a great place to get your climbing fix whilst in Mexico. Here there are over 600 bolted climbing routes making it ideal for those looking for a variety of climbs. This is great if you are traveling with those that haven’t climbed before or you haven’t climbed yourself. This is a relatively unknown place making it void of the tourist masses allowing one to take their time and climb in peace.


Zip-Line Tours

Conquer your fear of heights on a zip-line tour, where you can experience the thrill of a lifetime as you zoom high above beautiful landscapes while screaming with glee. Mexico’s larger tourist destinations including Cancun, Los Cabos and Playa del Carmen feature some incredible zip-line adventures that offer a bird’s eye view of dense jungle canopy, desert canyons and other amazing scenery. Some tours even offer the chance to fly like Superman with arms outstretched, or soar high above the treetops upside down.

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