How to Create & Automate the Ultimate Lifestyle Business to Achieve Time, Financial, and Location Freedom

How to Create & Automate the Ultimate Lifestyle Business to Achieve Time, Financial, and Location Freedom

It’s easy to feel like there should be more to life and that you were destined for a greater purpose. Many of us live a life of monotony these days, where it almost seems like we’re running on autopilot without the freedom to choose the life we wished for as a child.

It’s depressing to simply exist rather than live, or to just settle for the average life. Truly living means living life on your own terms, embracing your passions, inspiring others, and creating something that will live on long after you’re gone.

As we transition into adults, we quickly learn to follow the seemingly set path that society dictates we follow. Go to college, get a good job, get married, buy a house, save as much as you can, retire, and then die. If you can follow this path, society tells us you are living the dream.

But this “ideal life path” doesn’t allow you to devote much time or resources to the things that bring you the most joy in life unless you are one of the very few people who truly love their job or career.

Most of us are programmed to work 40 hours or more a week just to pay the bills, many of us just barely getting by. You can sacrifice even more of your precious time to take on a second job or work overtime, hopefully earning enough so that you can “get ahead” in life, seeing your dreams and life’s ambitions getting lost in the process.

We go from spending thousands of dollars on getting a degree that we are told is mandatory for getting a good paying job, only to then be forced to devote most of our prime years working for a single company to hopefully move up the ranks and land the top office. Some of us may end up reaching the top after years and years of service, only to find ourselves old, past our prime, and having wasted the best years of our life.

The sad reality is that there are very few top positions available, meaning most of us will have to settle for never breaking free of the cycle of needing to work 40+ hours a week simply to pay the bills. The only thing that keeps many of us sane is looking forward to a mere 2 weeks of vacation each year, and that is if we’re lucky and are given permission to take time away from work.

Chasing retirement is seen like a gold medal, most of us racing to grab it only to realize we are far too old to fully enjoy the financial success possibly gained after decades of working our ass off. Many of us fail to realize that freedom of time is just as available as financial freedom, yet society dictates that we sacrifice the best period of time we have in order to save up enough money to finally start living when we ironically have little quality life left to live.

It’s a wonder we all don’t challenge society and stop accepting that this is what life has to be. The challenge, however, is that you tell people that you want to live a different life and get scolded for being lazy, undisciplined, or simply delusional.

We are told it’s just not realistic to travel the world, devote most of our time towards our hobbies, or spend more quality time with our families. We are brainwashed to think life has to be challenging and only by following the set pattern of hard work and little free time can you earn up enough precious time to hopefully spend freely as you wish one day.

Most of us would rather not spend most of our life making someone else rich. We want to be our own boss, set our own hours, create something amazing and possibly be an inspiration to others. We look for a shortcut to the financial freedom that will in turn give us freedom of time, but are told the only shortcuts are winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance.

Sadly, the real truth is that we don’t have to settle for this set pattern to life. If there is one positive thing to come out of the recent pandemic, it is that we have realized we don’t necessarily have to be imprisoned to an office or working a set number of hours each day.

The world is very different than it was 15-20 years ago. That 9-5, 5-day-a-week lifestyle doesn’t have to define us anymore. The internet continues to expand, creating ample opportunities for people to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle which is rewriting how life has to be lived.

Digital nomads seem to have cracked the code and it’s allowing them to take back control over their life, whether it’s making money from websites they create or producing sponsored content for brands. For many, this means no longer being awakened by an early alarm, not having to answer to a boss, being able to plan and take vacations whenever they wish, and setting a daily schedule that aligns with their personality and needs.

You have probably seen ads on social media where average-looking people are somehow living their dream lives and wonder how they managed to find such success. What did they know that you didn’t? What secret information did they uncover or how did they manage to create their own successful business?

The truth is that the secret to living the life you want isn’t much of a big secret, it’s just knowing where to look. There are countless so-called hidden gems throughout the online world that offer the Ultimate Lifestyle Business.

One such gem is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and it involves creating an online business where you promote other people’s already successful digital products and courses, making seemingly easy money in the process.

So what exactly is the Ultimate Lifestyle Business and what makes High Ticket Affiliate Marketing stand out from other business models? The answer is the freedom it offers you in relation to time, location, and finances.

Nearly any business can be broken down into 3 simple parts:

Marketing, Sales, and Fulfillment

In most businesses you have to do all three but high ticket affiliate marketing only requires you to master the marketing aspect since you’re leveraging someone else’s proven business system. It allows you to leave all the stress and worry about the sales and fulfillment aspects up to another company.

Taking advantage of this business strategy allows you the potential to achieve the three pillars of freedom which again include the freedom to spend your time the way you want to, being able to work from wherever you wish to, and having the financial freedom to not have to worry about how the bills will be paid.

Financial freedom means having more resources to buy what you want and having the ability to live in greater comfort. It also allows you to provide for the people that you love the most and possibly even be in a position to give back to others who are less fortunate.

Having the freedom of location will allow you to travel the world and still be connected to your business so long as you have access to Wi-Fi. It means earning an income while sitting on a beach and not feeling like you are bound to a single location.

Freedom of time allows you to better manage what is probably life’s most valuable commodity. You can take control over the best years of your life, living them to their fullest and leaving few if any regrets as you head into the later stages of your life.

If this type of life intrigues you and you’re interested in learning more about following this type of business model, you can click this link and learn how you too can set yourself free from a life otherwise destined for the norm.

Start enjoying life again and spend more time doing the things you love whether that’s kayaking, photographing wildlife, traveling, or focusing on your daily health and wellness. Finding a happy and healthy life balance is achievable and it all starts with changing your ingrained perceptions of what life is supposed to look like.








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Author: Michael Jerrard

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