Best Quick Session Games for Traveling Gamers on the Go

Best Quick Session Games for Traveling Gamers on the Go

Gamers don’t have to forego their gaming sessions while traveling. In fact, there are many opportunities where you can fill downtime with gaming such as waiting for flights at airports, during train journeys, or when your hotel room isn’t quite ready yet for check-in.

While there may be plenty of times where gamers can get some action while traveling, session times are often much more restricted than when playing at home. Your ability to get immersed in an in-depth, highly story-driven game becomes difficult, especially with distractions being a rather common occurrence while traveling.

To solve such problems where gamers don’t have hours of undistracted time at their disposal, session-style games where the start of the match and its end are regulated by time can be a perfect fit. Even in the presence of overtime, or a draw, the time period that needs to be devoted to the game will always be much shorter than many other non-session games.

So the next time you wish to satiate your love of gaming and maybe cure your boredom with something other than reading a book or scrolling through social media while traveling, transport yourself to another world with one of these great session-style games that can be enjoyed in a rather short window of time.


The football simulator attracts many players and football fans with its realism, colorful graphics and interesting game mechanics.

One of the most popular session simulation games where you can enter the game, play one match, collect fifa coins and exit. The exception is tournaments where the games are held at a strictly allotted time, and failure to appear will mean disqualification.

The ability to play without a specific time limit and enjoy the game is one of the advantages of FIFA – you are provided with many game modes, playing solo and online against other players, and the time you are ready to devote to the game is regulated by the game match – 90 minutes of game time. By the way, in the game you can set the length of the game match relative to real time – no one plays for 90 real minutes.



Competitive shooter from the Valve company with many game modes with different time periods.

Matchmaking – a maximum of 30 rounds of 1.30 minutes each are played. Even under the condition that the teams will play in a draw, the time will be strictly regulated. Matches do not always end with winning back all the rounds, but in order not to make a mistake and not be late for an important meeting, it is better to count on the game to the maximum, and not plan to win 16:0 and quickly go to business.

2v2 – the mode is similar to matchmaking, but a maximum of 15 rounds is played. Players are divided into teams of 2 and fight for one of the points on the map. The special forces protect the site of the bomb and must prevent the installation of the bomb by destroying all the terrorists, or if the bomb was planted, clear it.

Terrorists, on the contrary, must destroy the special forces to win, or plant a bomb and prevent it from being defused.

Strike – a mode sharpened for training in knocking out bombsites. Four commandos storm the site with a bomb already installed and three terrorists, whose task is to prevent demining.

The peculiarity of the mode is the absence of buying weapons – players choose equipment from the cards offered.


World of Tanks, Plains, Ships

Tank, plane, and ship simulators are popular not only for their historical accuracy, but also for their short match times.

An average tank match lasts 7 minutes – players need to use vehicles from different eras of tank building to destroy the enemy and prevent their base from being captured.

The game, which is not very demanding on hardware, quickly gained popularity among gamers, and for those who lack even more dynamic battles, there is a blitz mode.

With aircraft and ships, the situation is similar – short and dynamic matches – in terms of dynamics, of course, you need to understand that we are talking about warships and they physically cannot quickly enter the operational space, but Wargaming managed to make a combination of historical accuracy, arcade and economic component.


Dota 2

One of the best games in the MOBA genre is a session game, but all fans of games with a time limit should pay attention – the game lasts until victory and there have even been cases of even 9-hour matches.

Matchmaking is the most important type of game in Dota – players compete for the right to increase their rating, which will lead to a rank increase. This gives status and the opportunity to play with stronger opponents, and the most ambitious ones can break into the world top and try to play in an esports team.

Normal mode – similar to MM, but not tied to ranks. Suitable for relaxed play and testing new characters and builds.

Turbo is the best mode that the developers introduced. In the lightning-fast courier mode with things, gold and experience are mined x2. Players can constantly fight, test builds and skills, try out characters. Matches often last 20-25 minutes, but there are exceptions on both sides.


These are just some of the top session-style games on offer for traveling gamers. Gamers who enjoy traveling the world may also want to check out some of premier travel destinations for gamers. There’s no reason you can’t take pleasure in the virtual world while also combining it with experiencing the real-life world that’s out there.  

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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