Best New Multitool Brands

Best New Multitool Brands

Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, hiker, camper, or kayaker, it pays to be prepared for anything. Nature’s elements can sometimes be rough on outdoor gear and being able to make repairs in the field is vital. While it’s impractical to carry all the tools from your garage with you on your outdoor adventures, there is an easier solution that will provide you with many of the tools you may require.

Equipping yourself with an every day carry or EDC multitool is a lightweight and ultra convenient way to have an extensive tool kit at your disposal that fits in your pocket. Having an EDC multitool with you at all times in the outdoors can help get you out of dangerous situations and prevent others from occurring in the first place.

EDC multitools are some of the best portable, durable, and versatile tools out there. Some contain dozens of tools that together all fit in the palm of your hand, ready to perform a wide range of tasks. Weight and space are a premium when you’re enjoying outdoor recreation, making an EDC multitool one of the most important things you can pack with you.

To help you overcome Mother Nature’s unpredictability, we have rounded up some of the biggest brand names in EDC multitools to bring you some of their top selling models. Whether you’re more of a minimalist and want a basic multitool or want one that has every tool under the sun, you’re sure to find a multitool that fits both your personal needs and budget.

Multitools comes in all kinds of designs and sizes. You’ll find full size models, miniature versions, and even smaller keychain varieties. Common styles of multitools include one-piece, clamshell, Swiss pocket knife, and Swiss army knife models. Whichever one you’re after, make sure to purchase one of these top selling EDC multitools to act as your helpful and trusted sidekick on your next outdoor adventure.


Leatherman Surge

One of Leatherman’s largest multi-tools, the Surge is a beast. It features their largest pliers and one of their longest multitool blades out there. The Surge was built for serious jobs and is a favorite among extreme outdoor enthusiasts. There’s nearly no job this multitool can’t handle and it’s sure to outlive you.

Included Tools: needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, premium replaceable hard-wire cutters, stranded-wire cutter, electrical crimper, wire stripper, serrated knife, saw, spring-action scissors, awl with thread loop, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, diamond coated file, large and small screwdriver

Leatherman Wave +

One of Leatherman’s international best selling multitools, the Wave+ features a 100% stainless steel body with numerous outside accessible tools and one-handed operable tools. All 18 tools open and lock quickly, not wasting any of your precious outdoor time. Enjoy two premium, high carbon stainless steel knives.

Included Tools:  regular pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, premium replaceable hard-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, large blade knife, serrated knife, saw, spring-action scissors, 8 inch ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, large bit driver, small bit driver, medium screwdriver

Leatherman Wingman

This pocket-sized stainless steel multitool is perfect for a campsite. It features spring action jaws and a blade that can be opened with just a single hand. Built to withstand the world’s harshest environments, this multi-tool features a compact design and performs more than a dozen functions. As usual, you’ll be backed by a Leatherman 25-year warranty.

Included Tools: spring-action needle-nose pliers, spring-action regular pliers, spring-action wire cutters, wire stripper, combo knife, spring-action scissors, package opener, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small screwdriver


Gerber Dime

The Gerber Dime is a small dog with a lot of bite. It easily fits in any pocket or on your keychain and while it may be compact, it features a robust stainless steel construction. It comes in multiple colors to suit your individual style and provides a dozen useful tools. The best news is that the Gerber Dime is ultra affordable so you can pick a Dime up with the loose change that’s currently weighing down your pockets.

Included Tools: spring loaded needle nose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutter, tweezers, bottle opener, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, medium flat head driver, coarse and fine file, cross driver, lanyard ring

Gerber MP600

One of the most rugged multitools currently on the market, this is the one used by U.S. military personnel. Featuring a mix of stainless steel and tungsten carbide tools, the MP600 series features several different designs to choose from. All are well known for their one-handed opening pliers which come in either a blunt-nose or needle-nose option. If you somehow manage to wear out the wire cutters, the MP600 features replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters.

Included Tools: blunt nose pliers, tungsten carbide insert cutters, patented one-handed opening, Saf.T.Plus locking knife and tools, lanyard ring, serrated knife, can opener, cross point screwdriver, ruler, wire crimper, file, small-medium-large flat blade screwdriver, bottle opener, fine edge knife


SOG Powerpint

The SOG Powerpint is just that, a pint-sized mini multitool that packs a surprising amount of power. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces and around 5 inches in length, it’s a mini multitool that’s packed with 18 different tools. The Powerpint features SOG’s Compound Leverage system and provides plenty of gripping power.

Included Tools: serrated blade, straight-edged blade, bottle opener, can opener, 3 sided file, flat screwdriver, gripper, hex bit driver, jewelry driver, line cutter, needle-nose pliers, Phillips screwdriver, protractor, ruler, scissors, wire cutter

SOG Baton Q4

The Baton Q4 is unique in both form and application when it comes to multitools. The Q4 is shaped much like a pen and similar in size. It features an innovative ratcheting screw bit driver along with a host of other useful tools. Each of SOG’s Baton series are specifically designed for certain activities, with models like the Q4 being ideal for the wilderness and outdoor recreation. Its design is both cool and aesthetically pleasing as well as being extremely durable and easy to use.

Included Tools: screwdriver with Phillips-flathead-star-and hex drive bits, straight blade, bolt/nut gripper, bottle opener, can opener, straight blade, 3-sided file, pliers, wire cutter


Victorinox SwissTool Spirit XBS

Another serious and powerful multitool the SwissTool Spirit XBS features a sleek burnished steel design that provides ultra protection against corrosion. It’s classy and not flashy, whose aim is to simply get any job done quickly and effectively. This Swiss made multitool comes in at just over 4 inches in length when folded down, hiding a surprising amount of tools within. Consider it to be one of the world’s smallest and most equipped toolboxes that will fit in your pocket.

Included Tools: needle-nosed pliers, wire cutters, large blade, Phillips screwdriver, reamer, punch, multipurpose hook, can opener, bottle opener, crate opener, wire bender, scissors, wood saw, metal saw, metal file, chisel, scraper, wire stripper, wire scraper, cable cover longitudinal cutter


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Banner Image: Photo by Jim Pennucci

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