8 Quality Services Foodies Look for in a Costa Rican Villa Resort

8 Quality Services Foodies Look for in a Costa Rican Villa Resort

Costa Rica is well known for its many incredible fully staffed, beautifully staffed villa resorts. For foodies, these locations are perfect for expanding your palette and going on tons of wild, unforgettable food adventures. Here are just eight of the quality services foodies can look for when choosing a Costa Rican villa resort.

Personal Gourmet Chef Services

One of the best things about vacationing in beautiful Costa Rica is the amazing variety of local cuisines, fresh fruit, and endless recipes to try. When you’re staying at a quality villa resort, you’ll have access to a personal gourmet chef that can show you all the tasty wonders the Central American country has to offer. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite meal during your time at the resort! If so, you can enjoy that amazing plate again, and again, and again. Your time at an all-inclusive Costa Rica villa is sure to be a dream come true.

Local Food Vendors

Alongside your personal chef, many Costa Rican villa resorts host local food vendors on-site, or nearby, so you can try even more authentic, fantastic Costa Rican cuisine. While you’ll often have to pay for this food, instead of getting it along with your booking fees and meal plans, they will be well worth it. You’ll have the chance to boost the local economy around the resort you’re staying at as well, which can help you connect with the local culture and citizens more effectively.

Perfected, Elevated Cocktails

Personal chefs are known for much more than delicious food. If you love to party, you’ll want to take advantage of the unique, local cocktail creations they can offer to you. As you’re hanging out poolside, you’ll have the ability to down one amazing cocktail after another. Just make sure you leave room for as much of the local cuisine as possible. After all, balance is an essential virtue when vacationing! The more you can both eat and drink your fill, the more fulfilled you’ll be with your Costa Rican adventure.

Vegan and Veggie Friendly Food Options

Many people wrongly assume that Costa Rican villas are not well set up to handle vegetarian and vegan foodies. Thankfully, this could not be further from the truth. Many of Costa Rica’s most popular and in-demand cuisines are either already vegan/veggie, or can be easily adjusted to fit the bill. With the amount of healthy deliciousness you’ll be biting into, you’ll be thrilled that you get to try new, internationally-inspired vegan and vegetarian dishes during your vacation! Just make sure you take into account any other food restrictions as well.

Multiple Included Meals a Day

There are very few resorts in Costa Rica that won’t offer you at least two meals a day. After all, since you’ll be vacationing for at least a few days, you’ll want the opportunity to feast on authentic cuisine as often as humanly possible. By looking into the meal plan and resort options available, you can ensure that you’ll have your fill of quality food every single day that you’re vacationing in Costa Rica. With any luck, you’ll never have a moment where you cannot grab the exact meal you want (and quickly)!

Daily Menus and Specials

Variety is the spice of life, especially when you’re taking an international vacation. Thankfully, Costa Rica resort villas offer menus that change practically every day, and they often provide weekly specials as well. If you’re someone who loves to vacation multiple times a year, you’ll appreciate the number of seasonal specials you’ll have access to.

Pre-Stocked Villa Snacks

When you first get to your villa and check-in, you’ll likely be exhausted from the journey. To help you gain the energy needed to get your vacation started ASAP, you’ll need some tasty, high-quality snacks to get you going. For this reason, villas come pre-stocked with lots of tasty snacks, and even some meal ingredients in most cases.

Nearby Local Cuisine Adventures

Beyond on-site local food vendors, you’ll want to research how many local cuisine hotspots are nearby your villa. Doing so can give you something fun to look forward to between other Costa Rican adventures. Additionally, this can help you get out and about amongst the amazing Costa Rica locals.

Expand Your Palette

Your Costa Rica vacation adventure is the perfect time to expand your palette. With any luck, you’ll have one incredible meal after another the whole time you’re in the country. With the right resort, you’ll have an even better time embracing your inner foodie.

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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