Tunisia: Come Visit the Wild Rome

Tunisia: Come Visit the Wild Rome

By: Mike Jerrard

There is no denying how incredible the Roman ruins in Rome are. Unfortunately you must share your experiences of them with such an enormity of other tourists that you’ll feel as though your in line at Disneyland. On average, around 8 million tourists flood Rome annually making it in the top 5 most visited European cities. The Colosseum itself is one of the most visited sites in the world. 

There is a place however where you can go back in time to see the Roman Empire in a much more natural and untouched setting. Tunisia in Northern Africa is home to some of the World’s most incredible Roman ruins including El Jem, Dougga, and much more. Best of all its just an hour flight from Rome.

El Jem is a Roman amphitheater that rivals the Colosseum for its impressiveness and actually offers a far more incredible experience. One gains far more access and freedom in El Jem without the waiting in lines and crowds. Feel like a gladiator as you make your way through the underground vaults, an experience that will cost you quite a bit at the Colosseum but here in Tunisia it is just a few dollars to visit most ruin sites. It won’t be long before Tunisia’s treasures become as popular as its European counterparts so the clock is running to experience its wonders now.

Along with Incredible ruins of not only Roman origin, you will find adventurous Sahara tours, beautiful beaches, and some of Africa’s lesser known animals. Scimitar horned oryx, addax, Dama gazelle, and the fennec fox.


Scimitar horned oryx: Photo by J. Todd Poling

The overall authenticity you get in Tunisia provides a much more rewarding experience for those travels that are truly looking for an adventure. Here you can feel like the gladiator Maximus as well as Indiana Jones.

Sadly for Tunisia, its tourism has taken a drastic hit with its recent terrorist attacks in Sousse and Tunis in which a large number of tourists were killed. Some areas are reporting tourism is down as much as 90%. Many governments have advised their citizens to avoid travel to this beautiful country. Although understandable, this only plays into the hands of those wanting to disrupt our way of life. The list of countries to avoid in fear of being killed by terrorists is ever increasing and the more we show the attackers that their actions pay off, the more they will proceed.

To live in fear rather than see this magical world would be a shame and a defeat to all humanity. So do as the Romans did, and head to Tunisia



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Author: Michael Jerrard

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