Species Profile: Bald Uakari

uakari monkey

Bald Uakari cacajao calvus


This small Amazonian monkey has a shaggy red orange coat with a bare red face resembling that of a Marvel villian. Its reddish face signals good health and makes it more attractive to possible mates.

Where to Find:

  • Western Amazon in the countries of Brazil and Peru
  • Sierras de Contamana
  • Mamiraua and Teiu Lakes
  • Yavari and Yavari Mirim Rivers
  • Upper Tapiche River

Conservation Status:

Having decreased by nearly 30% over the past decades, the Bald Uakari has been sadly downgraded to vulnerable from near threatened due to the usual causes of rainforest animal declines, habitat destruction, hunting, and the pet trade.

Interesting Facts: 

  • Their name is pronounced “wakari”
  • Live in communal groups up to 100 individuals
  • Susceptible to malaria which will show via paleness in their otherwise healthy bright red face
  • Unlike other New World monkeys they have rather short tails
  • Their strong jaws allow them to crack even extremely tough Brazil nuts
  • Red face s caused by a thin epidermis, lack of melanin pigments, and large amount of vascular capillaries

Photo Courtesy of :  linwecarindo

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Author: Michael Jerrard

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